Will Fantuz regret signing in NFL, now with lockout?

I wonder..

assuming.. the NFL does not settle their issues and the season is a wash.. you wonder of Fantuz will have any regret at all?

he's not employed now, his contract was a waste.. unless they settle soon.

I told ya he should have waited!

now instead of making money this year, he'll be making NOTHING!.. no playing time, no practises, no paycheques..

wasting the best years of his life.

chasing a dream is never a waste. if he had played out another season he likely would not have been looked at because of his age, plus had to sign another CFL contract. It was now or never, and he will not regret that.

You do realize the chances of there being no season in the NFL is slim to none right? There will be a season, and he will get a paycheck. You're talking like the issues down south means a garunteed loss of a season. You might want to hold your outburst of "I told you so" till the NFL season is slated to start. :thup:

i do not believe the NFL season will start as scheduled. Not saying they won’t play, i just wouldn’t be booking flights to see a game.

It's a nine billion dollar business, there is no way they are not going to be ready to play come september. I'd be willing to bet on it lol.

Gotta agree with you. Too much money to pass by for a year.

It is billionaires arguing with millionaires. It would not surprise me if there was little give and take.

They said it couldn't happen to baseball or hockey to.

Didn't Fantuz get a signing bonus?

I heard it was only 10k

Really??? That's it? lol! I can hear it now..." Just give the guy 10K, he's from Canada that'll be good enough!"

Fantuz did in football what Kate Middleton did in marriage -- win the lottery, make some money and kick back for a while! :stuck_out_tongue: