Will Fantuz be back?

I haven’t heard much on Andy Fantuz lately, a slight mention from Drew Edwards on 3Down Nation about Fantuz possably speaking with Ti-Cats about working out a new contract a few weeks ago and speaking with Austin but not much else.

Any fans know anything more on Fantuz if he will be back this season with the Cats or not?

I always liked Andy thought he had great hands and ability and a proven team player and hope that he signs back with the Tiger-Cats.


I certainly hope he’s back. This team needs players who have his kind of hands and CFL experience. If he wants to play here we need to sign him. I would think most fans want this.

If he wants to continue I am sure the Cats will welcome him with open arms.

Andy is not the fastest receiver, but like Tasker knows where the open spaces are, has great hands, and usually doesn't give up the ball.

Andy still a reliable catcher and player. Hope he returns back.