Will Derick Armstrong get the Start

Armstrong had a great season in 02 in Sask. Just wondered if he will get the start this weekend? He could give the Bombers a true weapon. ?Comments

hes starting on sunday

and hopefully till the end of the year ...we are kind of snake-bit this year.. Milt was out for a couple.....Cavil managed to get in one game...and now Brazzel is on the limp...along with McCord......Derrick will get a good shot ...and with Stegall doing his thing....i can see this as being a very dangerous combo.....sooooooooo..Glenn better tune up his arm.....or find a new band... :o :rockin:

i think the onl;y thing about derrick starting is his knowledge of the playbook. But i woul;d love to see another proven reciever on the field for the blue and gold against the als. it would allow glenn to change things up and beat the als secondary

knowledge of the playbook, pth. How hard is it for glenn to tell him "5 yard down and in" or streak or 10 yard curl, if hes unsure...

...VERY NICE START FOR DEREK ARMSTRONG....we have definitely strengthend the team with his aquisition....i look for more from him in the future...GOBOMBERS :thup: :rockin:

I like what I've seen so far about this guy. You better lobby Taman to open the purse strings and pay this guy in a long term contract. He compliments Stegall very well.

is there any reason he wouldnt get the start?

I'd love to see this guy in Bluen'Gold for a long time....he's a gifted receiver that you don't come across all that often...if any one doubts it...just go back to the last game in the Hammer when we went for 2 points...Glenn threw an ill-advised pass just over the goal- line to Armstrong that the Hamiltons db. was just sitting on for a pick...the db. got his hands on the ball ...tipped it ...and Derick hung with it and came up with the reception ...some say lucky...i say with the type of receiver that Armstrong is ....more like...VERY GOOD...he IS a keeper... :wink: :thup: :rockin:

Here is a question.
Clearly the Bombers have struggled at receiver and Derek Armstrong is a big pick-up for your team.
So how do you guys think the Riders have done by adding Craig Yeast and Yo Murphy?

…let’s put it this way… with another question? who would you rather have on your club?..Armstrong…Yeast…or Murphy…should give you the answer… :wink:i think in terms of talent Yeast and Murphy are better than average receivers… it’s just that one of them has an attitude prob…all in all they’ll work out well for the Riders… :slight_smile:

If the choice were Armstrong, Murphy or Yeast, the answer is, and its a no brainer, Armstrong.
He is younger, plus he is a better receiver than either of those other guys.

Yo has worked out well so far, but at 35 years of age, he is just stop gap.
And Yeast does appear to be a headcase.
I've never seen a guy get cut before he got off the field before....

i like yeast,s abilities, but hes kinda like brazzell in that if he hears footsteps, hes scared to catch the ball. but other then that, and the obvious attitude problem, well, i guess that really makes me not like him, lol...... but he could help the riders out ability wise.

I'd take Armstrong. Murphy and Yeast has helpped the Riders, but if ARmstrong can continue to shine and show consistancy, then he will be the new Bomber go to guy.

after milts retirement