Will Creehan Figure It Out?

From Steve's column:

"While Ray’s absence Thursday has to buoy the Ticats, it could turn out to mean something entirely different to them if there’s a rematch in the playoffs. Ray spent the three games of his injury layoff studying opposing defences, as he will do Thursday, and, when he returned two weeks ago, he delivered his finest two games of the year. By far."

“When you’re playing, you’re so locked in on what you have to do that you really don’t notice a lot of things that are going on,? Ray explained. “And, when you’re not playing, you notice everything. You notice what the receivers are doing, you can watch the defence and see what they’re doing. I’ll be watching from the sidelines noticing coverages and what (The Ticats) are trying to do to us.?

When I read this, it sent a chill down my spine wondering that if we get to play the Argos on Nov. 11, will Creehan have the where-with-all to make adjustments to his defensive schemes OR will he just keep on truckin' with the same old stuff. I'm somewhat certain that he will have enough smarts to realize his defenses are being carefully watched tomorrow night and that if we return, he cannot play the same movie over again. In my opinion, he will have to come up with something a little different to throw at Ray, maybe more blitzing or shifting the defense around to confuse Ray and the offense. A smart and savvy DC would never throw the same defensive schemes at the same team twice in a row, would he????

In my opinion, our illustrious DC will .....(finish this sentence)

OK if nobody dares to finish the sentence, I will.

our illustrious DC will....rise to the occasion and show us another side of himself, not yet seen. Having most, if not all, of his squad back in shape, he will demonstrate to the Argos, how Hamilton used to play years ago. All this without giving anything away that might compromise out return on Nov. 11. There, I've said it!!

Hopefully Creehan reads your post so he knows what to do. (and I’m not even being sarcastic here.) :wink:

...think the game is two hand touch instead of tackle football...

He’ll be out there trying to make tackles? Man, the Cats are in serious trouble if that’s the case.

Well injuries put alot of pressure on the D ,so now we are getting back our guys , he will be alright. Go stamps go. May drew tate have the game of his life.

will Creehan figure it out

Answer is a resounding NO

I guess it was just too much for him. It’s a good thing the Argos didn’t play all their starters.

They would have put up another 3 tds with Ray and Kackert and Owens in for a full game.