Will Crandell return?

Crandell is no longer with the ORBs.
Word is he is returning to Regina, not clear if that could be with the Riders or Rams.

He and DD seemed to mesh well.

Would be great if he would come back as Q.B. Coach. IMO that is one area they have to have a dedicated coach to give someone for Sunseri and whoever else is #2, 2A come final roster, some extra help. Chapdelain better be to busy with strategizing and play calling to have time left over to groom rookies.

What do you guys think about Kevn Genn at about 150,000 - 165,000 to ad insurance. I would think he would probably sign for that, with the regulay bonus if he plays ??? many game etc, etc..

personally, I wouldn't pay Glenn that. What are his options?
BC is out, clearly
Hamilton is most certainly out because of recent history.
Bombers are likely out, though it might be smart to go after him...again, history. Marve also looks good
Doubt he or the ORBs would be interested.
Calgary has a strong number 2 and 3.
I can not see Popp inking him, though I suppose there is a chance...Plus they have Skelton now.
Argos have strong #2, and IMO a very strong 3rd.
Esks seem content with Nichols

Really, the Riders seem like the only true potential contender to pay him as a #2. If they want him, they hold all the cards.

While there is a lot of youth at QB in the league at the moment, there are also some really promising players. Tough spot for an aging vet that has bounced around a lot to be in.

While I agree it would seem like Glenn's option are limited what would he have been worth last year after Durant went down? Heck we made it to the playoffs without a solid backup and no disrespect to Joesph as he came in with no prep time and being out of the game for awhile but if we perhaps had Glenn we could have probably beat the Esks and who knows what would have happen against the Stamps. Glenn I'm sure would have loved to burn the Stamps at home in a playoff game.

So how much is an insurance policy worth? Pretty obvious last year that our back ups were no where close to being prepared so what has changed since then? Nothing in my opinion. Sure they gained some experience but they also got beat down pretty hard at the same time. They need more experience yes but to throw them into the same situation as last year and expect different results is insanity. I say offer him the 150 he's worth that. Make it clear that he is to help bring whoever we have at second back up behind him is getting a grip on things. (Tino hasn't been signed so it may be Price and whoever) Give Glenn a fair amount of play time to keep sharp especially in games that are a blow out either way. Rest Durant and keep him healthy and not getting banged up for nothing. Also work the back up to Glenn into those games and let them get some confidence.

Sure Glenn looked bad last year with the Lions and the shot at being a starter pretty much went down the crapper after that but man he isn't a bad qb and like I say one hell of an insurance policy.

When it comes to QB situation, I would like to see the Riders sign Dan LeFevour for a back up and Keith Price be brought in as our 3rd. Both QB's have a style that resembles DD and that means a lot for the other offensive players with them not having to adjust as much to another QB if DD goes down. Seth and Tino were just too slow and have zero scrambling capability. Once the pocket started collapsing they were done for.

I believe Price is gone, though he is still on the Roster. It was an unofficial report about a month ago.

I would say that "unofficial report" was a fabrication. As you mentioned, Price is still on the roster and zero media about him being released yet Tino is removed from the roster. The other advantage to a DD, DL, and KP QB selection is that you have a nice spread of age.

Sunseri is not on the Roster because he is an unrestricted FA. He was there on the 9th.

As for Price...as I said, it WAS in the media. I heard it on the news a couple of times, not just once...that's why I state it. Reports were that he did not like Regina and said he was not returning. Supposedly he was eying up the west coast. Again, the Riders never made an official statement, but it was out there in the media, so at minimum there was was some smoke that was smothered, at wordst there is a fire building. Vanstone is not going to "fabricate" anything, or he starts gettign doors shut on him...he is not that stupid, same as any insider. Yes, some rumors are off because sides come to terms on stuff, but they start from somewhere...VERY rare that they are plane wrong. Also, the day I heard this I saw that Price had dropped his twitter acount, which does add to the speculation that something was up...at least in the moment...may or may not be resolved now. My guess would be that the team said they wanted to bring in a #2 and it pissed him off, because he was pretty quick to state it would be a short stay when he signed (so many come to the CFL thinking they will dominate their way into the NFL)...perhaps they have worked through that.

Agree! I wouldnt pay Glen 150K, maybe 80K...maybe...I have a feeling he will just go the way of KJ. Disappear to the states and come back when /if someone gets injured. Guess it all depends what he's willing to accept for a pay cut.

Swain wasn’t a FA, was released and is gone from their roster as well. Vanstone has had many reported “rumours” over the years that simply were not true. He reports a lot on 3rd party hearsay.

must have been a little more than just smoke. Keith Price, as he is removed from the roster.