Will Conji get over this?

So Luca Conji has gone from being one of the best kickers in the league (last year) to someone who causes heart palpitations every time he lines up. I really like him and I think he has all the potential to be a great kicker in this league. But was last year a fluke or is he just going through something right now. How many points can we leave on the field before it is too many? I really hope he improves, but it is getting scary.

Go Riders!!
and Go Luca!!

It seems this year all the kickers are struggling with the short kicks from the side hash marks. This isn't only a problem Congi is having, pretty well every kicker is struggling with those kicks this year ( except for Cahoon ).

Actually Setta was perfect inside the forty until his 32-yard miss on Friday. He still has a pretty good average.