Will Chris Cuthbert follow hockey to Sportsnet...

and leave TSN with Rod Black as the.....


cant say it



Rod Black as the number 1 Play by play guy. :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

They should both go as far as I'm concerned.

… maybe sportsnet will bolster their figure skating line up as well and need a veteran at the mic like Rod Black… Christmas Wish

If it was me and Rogers was offering big money compared with the classier TSN wasn't offering, I'd go to Sportsnet as well and take their money, hey it's just money, go for it. Rogers has the money, not the class, but don't turn down the money.

As much as I really like Chris, he's replaceable just like Jordan, Mantel, Flutie, Gretzky, Lafleur…. the fans keep coming back now, don't they? The Beatles are gone, music keeps going. :wink:

What I would do if I was Chris if he went to Rogers and at a cocktail event with Phil Lind there, I'd whisper in Phil's ear "Phil, thanks for taking me, but I'm here for the money, your company sucks. But the money is good." :wink: And then walk away with a smile.

Thats funny Earl! Like your "Insight."

Actually you know who's impressed me as a Play by Play announcer..... Rick Ball on HNIC. So much better than the boring Mark (Know nothing) Lee. Rick Ball does the radio for the Lions. I think if Cuthbert followed hockey to Rogers, Rick Ball might be a good replacement.