Will Chang get the start against Winnipeg??

I say give him a shot!!!.If they let him start and hes ineffective, then put in Maas. But at least give him a chance to start a game. Then we wont we have to keep wondering what if??

No. I disagree with the call but I'm convinced Taffe has completely lost his objectivity with the Maas rehab case and won't change his mind no matter what the results are showing

thats really too bad, if he doesnt start him. I mean do have to go 0-7. before he finally says o.k, maybe this isnt working!!The cats arent out of it yet, they do have a chance at making the playoffs but if we lose a couple more in a row, the season will probably be done!!

That may even be the plan. No pressure to win makes the backup look better in almost every case. I hope I'm wrong.

they say Chang isnt ready. that may be true but try him out anyway. Who knows we may be surprised. I know the guy is green, if we were 2-2, it would be a different story but were 0-4 throw him in there!!

Taffe is consistant in saying that he doesn't want to start Chang until he's ready. I know it symantics but that reads that he feels Chang isn't ready. He may be correct but then put Williams in because sure as God made little apple Maas isn't ready either

Stay the Course Maas Managed the game fine..
His WR have to make plays
Even Gardner made some Mistakes in BC..

Our Line is finally Giving Maas Time.
We are Running well
Maas Starts End of Story.

No Maas he managed the game to no first half offensive TDs and one late meaningless TD. He managed the game alright. Managed to lose it. there were 2 reasons we nearly pulled it off Lumsden and the defence

no dice! :roll: he is here to hold a clip board and study.
people give it a rest :wink:

Who 99?
edit Sorry I see you are responding to the thread title. Hope you really are being sarcastic!

Chang will start if and when he ever starts showing better in practice than Maas. That is where the staff makes the decision.

yo sup i'm the new kid and my name's jesse jr and do not like chang at all

jesse jr. here and i am the son of clark

Its o.k if you dont like Chang. Just give the guy a chance. What`s the worst he can do??

go 10 for 40 with 5 Picks..

I have to agree with you Onknight. The Cats played quite well....well enough to win if not for some dumb ass officiating. Maas was okay....Lumsden was phenomenal...Anderson, McKay, Armour and Moreno were outstanding. Brock Ralph has great hands and speed. If this team stays the course..they will win next week. Especially if we get Cody back.

I don't think Maas played so poorly that he cost us the game. We were in the game for the whole 60 minutes. In fact, I think the receivers and their drops were more of the problem this game. Maas didn't hang anyone out to dry this week, but he doesn't throw the pretty long ball. I don't mind letting Maas start the next game, but I think we have to keep Chang hot on his heels, ready to come in at any time. Because that seems to bring out the competitor in Maas and makes him play better. I'm firmly in the Chang corner, but I don't think Taaffe will make the switch this week.

Managed the game? The coach calls the plays. Chang isn't ready? Then neither is Maas. Why would you even consider Williams over Chang? Chang has thrown touchdowns(some called back) each time he's come in. The team seems to be sparked when he comes in. It can't get any worse. Start Chang!!!

When you're coaching a young, inexperienced team and they're showing major improvement each week, you're not likely to be thinking "what the hey, maybe I'll just try something completely different this week just for fun - what have I got to lose".

I couldn't agree more. I was at the game Thursday night in BC and I had read the comments earlier in the week that Maas would start, but that Chang would get a series or two (likely in the 2nd quater). We were talking about this in the seats and the only time we would have even remotely considered Chang is if Maas had a bad series after the one where we gave up the sack in the second quarter. He didn't, so no Chang.

While Maas may not be putting up Hall of Fame numbers, the team is improving in pretty much all areas (except maybe returns...). The co-ordinators are brand new to the game and we have a truck load of newbies on the field so I'm on board with staying the course at least until we plateau or regress. Win, lose, or draw, the rate of improvement has me bought in.

Go Cats Go!