Will Chad Owens Ever Play a Game for the Riders?


That's the thousand Dollar Question!! LOL He deserves to prove him self... time will tell!!


Sheer curiosity makes me want to see Owens in action especially as we gun for the playoffs. Who knows?

Maybe, if we get to the playoffs, he could be a great asset, well rested, as long as he's ready to go.

i agree with Depop and he never sees the field. A waste of a signing bonus. Owens is done and has been for quite some time. Never cared for the signing and honestly don't know why we waste time and money on these guys that are injured in the off season and still having issues. Owens was never likely to make it through a whole season anyways so why even bother? Meh whatever but I hope Jones does wisen up on these pie in the sky players and quits making this mistake again.


Is Owens playing this game, ? Sounds like he’s ready ?

Heard from various sources that he will play Friday. He must be offering the club lots of locker room leadership because he travelled with the team each game despite being injured and dressed in civvies. Definitely wanna see if he still has it.

Don't bet on Owens making the 44. https://twitter.com/TShireGlobal

Man, we may never see what he can do this year.

Lol you sound shocked, I'm just not sure why though.Jones has now confirmed that Owens will be a scratch. Big surprise.

Maybe he will transition straight to coaching, Toronto being a likely spot.?

Honestly who would he beat out for a job? Our receivers are top notch and Jones looks like he's a keeper. Scratch a running back for an extra receiver?

Chad may be in next week for Rosie who I would leave off the roster for precautionary concussion measures

Well it would appear that chad has kept himself ready to play, this could be an interesting run to the playoffs this year, and Owens could be right in there . Good job riders’

THIS. Very happily surprised that Owens impacted the game so much first time out. Just what we need and when we need it. I’m certain he’s been gold in the locker room too. You don’t drag injured players all over the country on the road - if they’re not leadership material.

I was confident he would look good if he ever saw the field ...just didn't think he would

Owens is right back where he left off in t.o., great to see him accepting, really gives the riders more options coming into playoffs, great leadership to.

Love the man's energy and attitude. Great addition to our game down the stretch here