Will CBC be back in new TV deal?

Here is the latest write up on this possibility.
I know this Dowbiggen guy has slagged the league at every opportunity, however where there is smoke there is fire?

[url=http://www.theglobeandmail.com/sports/cfl-eying-up-new-dance-partner/article4378339/]http://www.theglobeandmail.com/sports/c ... le4378339/[/url]

With actuall football starting, let's save all media/tv related topics for the off topic forum

guess that would mean a few topics that are under this forum should be switched.... tsn, Sask govt' giving $80 mill are just a couple of examples.

We can only pray that any talk of a return to the CBC is little more than a negotiating tactic.

You know, CBC does a good job with hockey. If the they promised to cover the CFL like they do hockey, I'd be okay with them getting rights to broadcast some games. Still, I remember what their old coverage was like, so I'd be reluctant to give them games.

TSN should remain be the primary rights-holder and partition some games off to CBC like they did before. Except this time TSN should produce all the games for CBC on a contractual basis. Getting back on CBC would be a boost for the CFL and a bigger boost for the CBC. They've never replaced the mass summer audience the CFL gave them. The CBC tried the Blue Jays, Raptors and TFC, all of which drew only a small fraction of the CFL audience.

Then factor in that CFL games are one of the few mass audience appointment viewing programs left on TV. Advertisers can rely on nearly 1 million people watching live...not PVRing it and skipping through the commercials like with most programs today.

TSN should be commended for the terrific job they've done with their CFL broadcasts, we want that to continue. But something is missing when all the games are only on one channel, and especially a cable channel. The traditional over-the-air presence on a major national network has been a bit lacking. Adding a Saturday night game on CBC or CTV might just be the ticket. :thup:

No to CBC. After The first yr there will be budget cut backs and the product will suffer. TSN does a good job.

Forget CBC they never covered anything before Labour Day last time they had CFL. Who needs them TSN does a great Job

I don't care what happens, as long as the hefty raise is attained.

Hopefully no to CBC, I'm not opposed to them bidding, but hopefully that just means TSN pays more. They did a poor job when they had CFL games previously, and we as fans had to listen to the radio for certain games because the CFL season doesn't start until Labour Day for CBC.

They do a poor job with Hockey also, they used to do a good job, no longer.

CBC didn't cover CFL games in the summer so they could do the Blue Jay games and that was their decision. Who knows what move they could do next. I just don't trust that outfit to be honest. I don't think CBC has any clear direction or plan for the future. I say avoid them if at all possible. If they ever lose HNIC then they really are going to have to figure out what their mandate is and who they are trying to reach.

Think the real question here should be, in 5 years will CBC even exist? it's quite the large waste of taxpaper money, Cons have already cut it back considerably already. will it even be around in 5 years.As a citizen of canada who pays taxes and some of that money going towards stupid things like cbc and welfare, i for one, hope they are not around. Why should my tax dollars go to stupidity like "little mosque on the praire" or reruns of jeopardy which are on at the same time on the american feed.

I disagree 100%

I think that they do a great job with hockey. "Little Mosgue" , was a big hit for the CBC.
There is [was] great programs like , The Nature of Things , The National , Market Place , 22 Minutes , The Air Farce [now gone] and several other great shows that support Canadian artists in music , comedy , ect...
The CBC creates Canadian jobs for every one in the arts.

For years the CBC helped the CFL and was the only network that would show CFL games during the CFL's dark decades in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

You can't trust the Canadian private T.V. networks to show a lot of Canadian programing :thdn:
If it wasn't for the Canadian content regs. you wouldn't see any Canadian programming at all on the private networks. :thdn:

The CBC is much more than a just a T.V. station. :thup:

It is 2 radio stations that can be heard all over Canada [including in the N.W.T. , ect] and in other countries around the for Canadians who travel. How else would you get Canadian stories and news when abroad? CNN ?

The CBC News web site is the most read in Canada.

The CBC gives Canadians jobs and experience. How many of Canada's greatest T.V. / movie stars get their start at the CBC like Alex T. , the host of , Jeopardy?

We complain how our media treats Canadian cultural things like the CFL.

Well , the CBC is very , very important to Canadian culture , as well. :thup:

Unless you want to watch nothing but American programming on CTV , City T.V. and on Global.
They show the same American programing at the same time it is on the U.S. Networks [like the NFL , as just 1 example].

It would be a sad day for Canadian culture to loose the CBC. :frowning: :thdn:
I don't mine paying a small part of my taxes for all of that. :thup:

And he wonders why people call him a wingnut :roll:

Not too sure what he's talking about with welfare, since its a Provincial program. Your also quite right about culture.

How much tax does a guy in his parents basement pay anyway :wink:

TSN has already said they are not opposed to splitting the property provided they are part of the structuring of it. My guess is even if it did happen it would retain production rights kind of like they do with the NHL broadcasts. With Ottawa coming onboard there will be extra games to be broadcasted anyway so this probably makes things easyer for every party. CFL needs the extra money, TSN might not have the slots to broadcast all the games anyway. Having two networks do games provides more exposure and room for advertisers.

I remember the days when the CBC would do half of a Grey Cup and then CTV would do the other half of the same Grey Cup. :wink:

I'm not going to opine on the political implications here (not the proper forum) about CBC. Whether or not the network should do this or that is up for debate amongst our friends north of the 49th...(trust me, we've got PBS tv and NPR radio- both tax payer subsidized so we feel your financial pain)... But as an American, I will say this... times do change. Back in the day, when CBC had the rights to the CFL, regulations were stricter, and TSN wasn't the big player that it is now. And the CFL wasn't the flagship of the CBC. (I remember when the Jays won the WS, they pre-empted a Ti-Cat game for live coverage of the Jays parade)... Remember too, the technology then wasn't what it is now. The quality of the product then is not going to be as good as it is now. But by-gosh, it was the guys behind the microphone that set the tone for those games. Growing up near the border, CBC was (and still is) the only channel most Americans get here in the States. So I hope you will pardon my appreciation (albeit small) of CBC. So growing up with legends like Don Whittman, Don Chevrier, etc., it was a treat for those of us here that enjoyed 3-down football. I agree with everyone here that TSN has really done a spot-on job of production of football. But I do hope that CBC gets another crack at doing maybe one game a week. Plus it wouldn't hurt either CBC or TSN to start showing more CIS football nationally. But I digress...

College football is being shown on French sister channel of the CBC since last year. In Atlantic Canada Eastlink broadcasts one game a week and I think the CanWest shows some Western games as well. I am not sure about Ontario.

Also TSN has something now with TSN2, so the ideal situation is for TSN to pony up but if not a two broadcaster may be the best solution

The Score , shows some CIS college games. Most of them are of Ontario based teams and those are shown on Saturday each week , during the CIS season.

If TSN and CTV are entities of BCE (Bell Media) why do not both broadcasters carry CFL games? Or at least divvy the games in order to accrue non-cable subscribers and maximize total viewership?

This is especially pertinent for playoff series games.

That being said, all broadcast players should be invited to the table for true market value purposes.

I disagree tangle that everyone should be invited. If TSN is delivering what the CFL wants to hear right from the start, then end of discussion, why waste everyone's time. It's like a job posting. I'm not going to apply for a job if I know that someone else already has it and they are simply going through the motions to make it appear as though they are having a competition for the best person. Nope. The CFL shouldn't play games with TSN if TSN is being super from the get go and doesn't want any gamesmanship being played. But what goes on behind closed doors, well, who knows.