Will Caulley Play Again This Year ????

8) According to Marcel, he has given a vote of confidence to DeAndra Cobb, as our #1 RB.
In Marcel's own words, "He runs the ball well, but he's also been a good receiver, and he's been great
in the blitz pick up.  He's been reliable, and healthy "  !!!

"I don't forsee making a change in his position".

 Makes you wonder if Terry Caulley will play another game for the Cats, unless an injury to Cobb
 forces such a move  !!!

 I believe that Caulley will be a free agent after this season, so it is just possible that we have seen
 the last of him as a starting back, in a TiCat uniform !!!

I think you are right. I noticed that story today too. Looks like Cobb is our man unless injuries play a role.

that's sucks I really like caulley I think that he is a great player

BTW why haven't we seen caulley this year except for the first game is he still injured

Where have you been?
All our backs got injured in one game, which is why we are seeing Cobb.

8) Both Caulley and Tre Smith were injured in that first game of the year !!
Both of them have been healthy and ready to play for at least the last 6 games, especially Caulley !!

Obviously as pointed out by Marcel, he prefers Cobb, over Caulley !!!  

As I pointed out, it is doubtfull if either Caulley or Smith will play another game this year for the Cats !!

I'm happy with the decision. I prefer Cobb. Yes, his two best games were against a team that was having trouble stopping the rush, but he brings a bit of stability and consistency to a position that saw way too much flux last year. As long as he's producing at this level, why fix something that aint broke.

If healthy I would like to see Cauley given a shot at returning kicks on special teams, and be available to spell Cobb and offer a different look. He has been a return man in the past and is a quality back.

LOL why do you think the topic thats being discussed is "will caulley play again this year"? lol

it seems that marcel is often quick to sit players down for inconsistent play.
chris davis had some drops, so he sat a game (and is apparently now released.)
lawrence gordon dropped the pass from setta in toronto, and has lost reps on the first team in practice.
deandra’ cobb has had two very costly fumbles in recent games, yet he’s still on the field.
i’d like to see caulley get a chance. i’ve spoken to him twice and he seems like a pent-up volcano.
we dressed two import backs in the first game of the season (in which both caulley and tre smith got hurt), and had non-import matt kirk as a starting d-lineman to compensate. is that possible now? or with dyakowski being hurt does that mean rottier will play (or albert toeiana, an import, which would shoot down that plan.)
bottom line: i think deandra’ cobb has played well, but not spectacularly, and has had some fumbles. it’s time to put caulley back on the field.

8) If we had, or could find a real dominating, Canadian starting DT, then that would certainly
 help in the ratio department, as far as starting two import RB's is concerned.

Or we could drop an import sb and replace him using a Caulley/Cobb comb using multiple formations which would involve Cobb lining up as a SB RB and even a WR

I still think rotating Cobb and Caulley (like we did with Lumsden and Smith at the beginning of last season) can be very effective.

Hmmm... could work... Cobb seems to have pretty decent catching hands. I'll trust him to catch a 8-12 yard pass before I trust James or Bauman for that matter.

Agree BigP.

Cobb's TD last week kinda reminded me of Amerson...

what's the deal with Kenton Keith...is he gone for the season...or might we see him back in your lineup presumably returning some kicks to start with...

8) He is basically done for the year, still recovering from knee surgery.