Will Casey save us money???

All of a sudden Hamilton is going to be a cool place to play.

Chris Schultz said that the Printers sighning means the Cats will winn the Grey Cup within the next 3 years.

All the highly rated receivers looking to play in the CFL to spring board their careers to the NFL will want to play with the best QB in the league.
In the past we would have to over-pay to win some free agents, where now we will be a winner which sells itself.

Exciting times to be a Cat fan...its been a while.

casey is a good public speaker and is very eloquent speaker, hopefully he can use his skills to help persuade free agents to sign here and help sell the city to potential guys from the states.

Don't want to sound like a negative-nelly, but didn't we just go through this with Maas? At one point, it seemed that everyone and there sister wanted to come to Hamilton to 'save the franchise' and win; Hamilton management was only too happy to oblige. What needs to happen is that we only take guys that we strategically need. We need O-Linemen, that should be our first priority.