Will Cam Wake Make the NFL?

Many thought that Ray and Printers would never come back...
Last season at this time people would of told you that you were crazy if you said Kenton Keith would be back THIS year...
Cam is undersised, old (for a prospect) and POSSIBLY the darkest cloud over his head, is that he for sure next year, will not be able to use, or will have to substancially cut back his use of steriods!!!!
I am not accusing Cam of being on steriods..(no more then I would accuse Henry Burris or any other player who suddenly gained a pile of muscel in the off season..... however lets face facts.... many NFL players use steriods and a fraction are actually caught every year..... With NO steriod testing in the CFL..... you would have to assume that there is a greater percentage of CFL players on the juice then NFL players....
If Wake is steriod free....you could only wonder what he could do on the juice!!!!

I think the reason Keith was cut was because Dominic Rhodes practically fell into Indy's lap. No one could have predicted that... As for Wake and steroids, to be honest, I'd get more evidence to back it up than the flimsy excuse you gave...

I hope Wake stays simply because he is a great player and good for the CFL. Unless there is evidence of steroid use, it is a non subject.

I believe Wake will make the NFL but he won't be there long. In the NFL wake would be an average player where as with his size and speed in the CFL he is an amazing player. He will go to the NFL bounce around for a couple years and then return to the CFL.

Cam Wake is better IMO than Jenty the former Edmonton DE who is first string OLB with Cincinati. The NFL also seems to be looking for guys like Wake who can come in on 3rd down and long as a pass rushing DE. I would be very surprised if he doesn't make the NFL as a OLB or a situational rush end.

He'll be gone. There's enough film of him that it's a gimme that someone will sign him. He'll probably have a number of teams to choose from. And, on that small field, with his range and speed, he'll own the outside. The question is, to me at least, will he be a specialty rusher, or can he endure the physical pounding of a between-the-tackles running game and become an everydown player.

The reason Keith was cut because Mike Hart played well in the preseason. Rhodes has always been the #2 back ahead of Keith. It was just a numbers game wtih Keith. Keith is 29 and Hart is 22. Who would you rather have as a 3rd stringer?

The reason why all came back was because they didn't get any playing time to prove themselves.

Printers probably should have made the Chiefs but last year they decided, like a lot of teams in the NFL, to carry only 2 active QBs.

Ricky Ray was a third stringer in NY and never got a chance to play.

Keith was a third stringer who got beat out by a rookie for the 3rd stringers role.

Wake will make the NFL and be there for the rest of his career. If he gets into a system like Buffalo where they have 4 solid ends that they rotate, then he will be fine.

I actually see Wake as the next Julius Peppers. He's that good. He won't get as many sacks because he'll be getting double teams by a tackle and tight end and if he gets through he'll get chipped by the fullback. I wish him luck and thank the good Lord above that he won't be playing against the Cats next year.

Wake will be very small in the NFL. He is 6'3 240. In the NFL, Trent Cole is considered a small DE at 6'4 265. A good sized DE in the NFL is probably around 6'5 275. The offensive linemen are also much bigger, and will be able to push him around easier. He might be a decent situational pass rusher, but those of you that are saying he will be a dominant player? I highly doubt it.

Keith was the 2nd string RB for the Colts last year and was the first stringer for awhile while Addai was out. But Oakland released Rhodes this year so the Colts brought him back and that made Keith the 3rd stringer and then they decided to make Mike Hart a young draft pick the 3rd stringer.

Wake will go to the NFL and be a small fish in a big pond. In the CFL he is amazing in the NFL the OL are too big and he will be average.

Are there any other positions that Wake would be better suited to in the NFL?

Simple answer is yes, and he aint coming back aither.

With ray and printers it was at the most critized position in the nfl QB. well being a qb in his league and the nfl is extremely different. and they never excelled at it.

Wake however as we all know is a Defensive end. and although different int he nfl from the cfl as eery position is much more similar as well. he might not be as huge a threat or get as many sacks simply because of larger more skilled ofeensves lines. but he is asuer highly talented end and has he physcal attributes, knowledge, and skills to find a starting roll in the nfl.

It will be tough because of his size and alot of teMS ARE RUNNING A 3-4 SCHEME WHICH MEANS AT HIS SIZE HE MAY BE A OUTSIDE LINEBACKER but i see him in the cfl for the future i think going to the nfl is out the question.....he has to contend with all the ncaa grads too......i wouldnt make the move i see him getting cut........just depends on the team