Will Burris and Copeland be worth the money?

I have read a lot of messages about how bad Burris and Copeland have been. I have been trying to think positive about the situation, but after reading the messages, I am realizing they may not be that good :shock: .

Sure they have struggled over the first couple games of the season, but I think they will recover and the Stamps could actually be a contender for the playoffs.

What do you guys think? :?:

Give them some time to gel. My bet is they'll improve - and I'm not counting anyone out for playoffs. This is the CFL, and strange things can happen. The West is going to be tight, in my opinion. Might be wrong - time will tell. I think Copeland and Burris will be fine once they find their groove - I'd have them on my team.

Stampfan you really are becoming a little stupid here they have played three games what did you expect. If the Stamps did not bring in players such as the two you mentioned what would you be satisfied with Freteriks bunch. Man take it easy there is a season ahead of us here.

they are deffinetley worth the money the thing i think was stupid was they let khari jones go when they should of kept him and maybe saved there money and bought a usefull hb instead of burris copeland on the other hand is totaly worth the money look what he did in montreal

--I usefull HB?? Are you a Stamps fan or an Als fan? If your an Als fan I forgive you for not knowing who Joffrey Reynolds is yet(or JRey, as we like to call him). But as a Stamps fan that's inexcusable. Joffrey is the real deal. And I'm fine with them letting go of Khari. I really liked the guy too, but his days are numbered. I was at the Eskies/Bombers preseason game in Edmonton last month(Khari's last day as an Eskimo). When he came in during the second quarter, I really hoped he'd play well. But he looked AWFUL. Worse than Darnell Kennedy looked for Calgary in preseason(which blew me away. I was extatic when Calgary got him back, I thought he was gonna be a gooder). Letting go of Khari to make room for Burris was the right move to make. Burris has more upside, more athleticism, and will give us more years than Khari would. Just give Henry time, he'll start clickin.

cmon ladies, finnally some of you have been able to figure it out, higgins bit off more then he can chew with signing those 2 players to big money, burris is over rated and copeland(a great receiver) cant win on his own,, srry stamps:)

…hey RnR, missed ya…we were all getting so tired of having smart and intelligent conversations with each other, glad your back…

…first…ha ha…higgins is a coach, not a GM, and therefore isn’t involved in signing players…thought you should know that…see, you’re learning already…

…second, how badly did Burris play at the beginning of last year?..not too badly, but not great either, just enough to keep sask in contention…and then as him and his receivers clicked things picked up and, BINGO, western semi final…same thing will happen this year…

…third…if you think Copeland is our only offensive threat…well, then that’s good…while your laughing at him getting double-covered and bumped around Rambo and Lewis will be scoring all the TDs they can handle, and Reynolds will be pounding it up the middle…do ya think we have only ONE person on our offense who knows where the end zone is?..lol…

…you got a few minutes to think this over before you need to reply…don’t hurt yourself…

Copeland is worth the money, but for him to show it, all of your other receivers must get respect from rival teams.

If Copeland is single-covered, he'll be a showstopper. There are not many DBs who can single-handedly shut him down. They have to be two.

And as long as all your other receivers won't be feared, Copeland will stay double-covered. Now Nik Lewis seems to be getting fair respect. As for others, maybe Rambo's name start being dropped here and there, but he needs to prove more. And the others... who are the others?

did u see copeland against winnipeg? He dropped three passes just so he wouldnt get hit. FOR SHAME.

davis snchez will pop copeland in to the ground, oh wait he wont because copeland is to scared to go ober the middle like last game, and back wiht burris, your own fans are doubting him two game into season how sad, if he is so good how come the red and white fans are fearing, i cant wait to play you red boys,and finnaly calgry did something good, they would let higgins even near the gm spot .

oh ayn have fun losing to ottowa :slight_smile:

..........holy crap RnR, don't drink and type, someone innocent could get hurt..........and I doubt that Sanchez will be much of a threat.......tough to run around the field with a big icebag on your hamstring.......

.........3/10........fourth and fifth receivers are Juhasz (sp?) and Ralph...........Ju has been very underutilized but rightfully so, he is sitting 4 ont he D-chart........but the braintrust here is saying Ralph is a diamond in the rough, I'll try to figure out why and then brag about it..........

Well, i havn't gotten a chance to sit down and watch a Stampeder game yet this year, but from what i hear Burris isn't doing so great. I believe i know why. He blames mostly everything that goes wrong on himself, and when he gets excited, he throws interceptions and he fumbles. I think he was more effective in Saskatchewan because Danny Barrett is a good psychological coach (Except for Paul it seems, but he actually looked good today and i think he will be back with new confidence next game), and he (Barrett) knew how to settle Burris down and make him play to full effectiveness. Now Higgins i don't believe is good with the psychological stuff. Anyway thats just my opinion. I dont' know about Copeland yet, i'll have to see him play. Anyways good luck Calgary and i'm looking forward to next week where our teams clash! :lol:

Santino Hall did it. Who coincidently is coming to town Sat to visit Mr.Copeland. I'm sure they are both looking forward to the rematch, as am I.

Howdy from China! I was here for last season, too, which given the 4-14 debacle, is just as well. You probably heard me screaming for joy all the way across the pacific when Feterik finally f'ed off.

Y'all have to keep me in the loop- I'm cut off from Canuckistan TV. Can you answer some questions:

  1. Is there a way to listen to the radio broadcasts over the 'net? I'm willing to get up at 4:30 am to hear the Labour Day game.

  2. How's the O-line? Are they protecting Burris (whom I worship)? Are they making holes for the RB's?

  3. I haven't heard of most of the receivers. Are they rookies, or just journeymen?

  4. Could the Stamps resign Khari Jones without keeping the old contract? If Burris gets hurt, some kid I've never seen would have to step in. And Jones is a little dumb, but I heard good things about his duty with us late last season.

  5. how'd we get mauled so badly by Ottawa? I know Joseph is breaking out, but GEEZ!

  1. Here are the online radio stations you need this season (thanks to Chronicguy and Als_Molson):

Lions - www.team1040.ca
Esks - www.630ched.com
Stamps - www.am770chqr.com
Riders - www.620ckrm.com
Bombers - www.cjob.com
Ti-cats - www.900chml.com
Argos - www.640toronto.com
Gades - www.team1200.com
Als - www.cjad.com <--- english www.ckac.com <--- en français

  1. The Stamps O-line is not amongst the strongest in the league. But they're not really the problem. Burris gets excited at times and receivers drop catchable balls. Stamps hardly execute basic plays.

  2. Lewis: still good. Copeland: not playing up to his potential. Rambo: an eye opener who don't get enough balls. Juhashz (sp?): a guy with a hard spelling name who runs on the field with other receivers without really contributing to anything. Ralph: catched his first balls in the CFL during last game; seems like a dude who's willing to play hard even when then loss is inevitable.

  3. As of now, quite anyone could sign Khari, except maybe BC or Edmonton who already have two #1. But should they trade off one of them, they could turn to Khari to hold #2 spot. I don't think Calgary will hire him. They'd try Gesser before.

  4. The Renegades play like it's the playoffs. It's not only Joseph. The defence is quite impressive so far (given my off-season expectations) and Ranek does his fair share of the fireworks. If only that team could get itself an o-line...

I think it was Glen Suitor who said that Steve Burrato runs a very complicated offense. Maybe they need to simplify it a bit while guys get used to each other. As for being worth the money, I don't think ANYBODY in the CFL is worth more than 200k and the lunkhead owners who pay that kind of money are inviting disaster down the road.

.......Burrato does run a very complicated playbook and this is probably the only thing right now that is keeping Higgins from making Henry watch how Gesser might perform........a few of HBs INTs this year are a direct result of this, him throwing to a spot where the receiver is supposed to be while the receiver is running something else.......simplify the playbook and the O starts to click.......

Thanks, 3rd&10, I'll tune in next game I'm not at work.

Say, who've they got carrying the ball? Sorry, I'm REALLY out of touch here.

.......Calgary: Reynolds..........Saskatchewan: Keith.........