Will Braley sell the Lions

So Lions Fans what do you think will Braley sell the Lions? Not until after 2011.. first he can have the Vancouver Grey Cup then the 100th at Toronto and make some cash. Not saying anything bad but the guy has smarts... he is a strong supporter of the CFL.. but lets face it he lives in Hamilton and has helped our team to be what it is today...

I doubt it. The Lions are a money maker for him now. MAYBE if somebody local who's dedicated steps up but we'll see.

It doesn't seem right. How cam the two teams make impartial decisions in their best interest while under the same owner. fishy.

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…don’t know if he will sell the team, but he should. This whole situation is bad optics for the league. He has been approached by local businessmen about selling the Lions a short while ago but for whatever reason, nothing ever came of it. But i get the feeling he will unload the team after the team hosts the Grey Cup and the new BC Place is finished since ticket sale projections after the new roof is installed is said to be in the 40,000+ a game which would push revenues through the roof and likely with it the purchase price as well

its very simple, the owner is hands off and has nothing to do with football operations.