Will Bob Young sell the team?

The intent of this post is to not bash Bob or his legacy with the team, which I believe will go down as perhaps the best owner ever in the CFL (along with Braley) but with our team/franchise appearing to be on the best financial ground since the arguably 70’s how much longer will Bob stay around? We have a new long term stadium agreement, better sponsorship deals, strong league TV deal, new stadium, sound management, great on-field competitive product, sound season ticket base, etc., after back to back grey cup appearance, does anyone thing Bob will decide now is the time to sell the team. I mean, he has done everything he set out to do with this team which, above all was to ensure the long term success of the franchise, which has never been better. The only items left are to win the grey cup and host a cup. Will he wait until then or leave sooner or not at all?

In my opinion, he is not going anywhere anytime soon, but I would like to hear other’s opinions.

I thought something similar, sometime last year. He's owned the team for 11 years, and I don't see him still owning it 11 years from now. The question is probably more about his time horizon: is he thinking 1 or 2 more years, versus 5 more years.

My hunch: he won't sell until we've won a Grey Cup. And he will insist on finding another owner who is equally committed to the team and the city. I think both of those factors will outweigh any thoughts of making money or breaking even on his investment.

The same Braley who is starving one of his two franchises to death by spending no money whatsoever on marketing?

Not until he has won 10 Grey Cups, 2025

I don't think Bob isn't going to sell in the next 5 years. The team is competitive, the new stadium is a wonder (albeit with some kinks to iron out), and most importantly the team appears to be finally making money, and he has losses to recoup. That being said, Bob has always been clear that he was the caretaker. That his goal was to make the team profitable, stable and to the point people were lined up to buy.

I think that's the question now, is who else would have an interest in owning the Cats? What names bubble to the surface? The one I would vehemently oppose is MLSE, but they'd likely do it just to corner the rights to a stadium so no one could compete with their beloved TFC. Michael Andlauer? He's more of a hockey guy and while it would let him corner the Hamilton Pro Sports market, I don't think he'd be interested. Maybe community ownership? I know if Bob started selling shares in the team, I'd buy them.

It's an odd one, but one I'd prefer not to think about right now, as Bob has been probably the best owner in the history of this franchise, save for it's initial community ownership before DeGroote bought the team, but those were much different times.

So let's see, his financial investment finally begins to see some black ink after 10 years of loses and you think now is a good time to sell? I'm glad you are not my financial advisor. Will a new owner pay a price for the team to allow him to recoup enough to cover all/some of his losses?

Lets not forget that Caretaker is not finished, He still must get a Pro Soccer team secured before Sept. 30, 2015
or lose his exclusive rights to Pro soccer in the Stadium

From the 20 year Stadium Lease Agreement

  1. Tiger-Cats Exclusivity
    The Tiger-Cats have the exclusive right to exhibit professional football and soccer in the
    Stadium. The City has the rights to exhibit amateur football and soccer events in all City
    facilities including the stadium and individual "professional exhibition" events in other
    City facilities or in the stadium in cooperation with the Tiger-Cats. To protect the TigerCats
    brand, no professional football or soccer leagues will be played in other City

  2. Soccer Rights
    The Tiger-Cats maintain the rights to pursue a professional soccer franchise that will
    play its inaugural season in the stadium in the 2016 season. The City and the TigerCats
    agree to negotiate and to execute in good faith a license agreement that
    accommodates the operations of a professional soccer franchise at the stadium
    including all pre-season, regular season and post-season home games. Soccer
    practices will be outside of the stadium.
    In order to ensure that progress is being made by the Tiger-Cats in acquiring a
    professional soccer franchise, quarterly updates are to be provided to the City Manager.
    Key checkpoints and certain milestones have also been identified, as follows:
    • From the commencement date of the License Agreement until December 31,
    2014 the Tiger-Cats will provide quarterly updates.
    • By May 31, 2015 - the Tiger-Cats must receive sanctioning from the Canadian
    Soccer Association OR they can decide either not to proceed with securing a
    soccer franchise and foregoing the exclusive rights to do so OR extend the
    exclusive rights period to September 30, 2015 for a fee of one hundred and fifty
    thousand dollars ($150,000).
    • By September 30, 2015 - The Tiger-Cats must have a team secured and
    sanctioned or they lose their soccer rights.

    • Soccer would be subject to a separate license agreement, with terms similar to
    the ones in this License Agreement.

[url=http://www.hamilton.ca/NR/rdonlyres/BF21F3C0-F0A6-417E-B8AB-5690E0C6EAD0/0/Feb1983PW14021.pdf]http://www.hamilton.ca/NR/rdonlyres/BF2 ... W14021.pdf[/url]

You must really be bored to start a thread like this. :smiley:

Yes, it makes no sense at all. If you have been losing money every year since you owned the team and finally there is a decent stadium where he can make money from things like the club seats, private suites, naming rights etc why on earth would he bail? It makes sense that he would try to wipe out the previous 11 years of losses, I don’t know how long that would take but if the team can make a profit over the next several years then it increases the value and then maybe he could get a decent price years from now.

I don't see Young selling anytime, if anything he's going to try and make some money and ensure that the Ticats success can be sustained, after that however if a really strong offer comes in, he could sell.

Bob wants to win the GC and his team hasn't done that yet under his caretakership. He's a gamer, admits he's made mistakes, as we all know, but the motivation is there. Of course.

Meant to say "selling anytime soon,"

Only time I could see Young selling is after the team has won a Grey Cup and held the two that was talked about during the whole stadium process.

I wouldn't think he'd sell until after a. he hosts a Grey Cup (or two or three), and b. the next TV deal comes into play.

Hosting the GC would bring in a lot of $$$ to offset what he's invested in the team. And the next TV deal should increase revenues significantly, thus ensuring profitability and increasing the value (perhaps dramatically) of the franchise.

Also, he might just enjoy owning the team and not want to sell for years and years to come.

Why would Young sell a team that is just starting to make a profit after years of losing money?

Although anyone who is in the market to either buy or sell something does not wish to seem too eager, perhaps Bob can weigh in with his thoughts, plans? He does take part in (read and post) in this, his forum, after all. :wink:

Why would he want to sell he appears to enjoy owning this team?
Secondly with all due respect I dont think Bob Youngs plans for the future are anyone else's business unless Bob wants to tell us.
IMHO Bob will be the Ralph Wilson of the CFL!!!!!!!!

Actually, I think that he's finally starting to enjoy owning this team... lol

I agree Bob has done a great job of ownership and management of the Tiger-Cats in Hamilton and as one of the great nine teams of the CFL and after all that he has gone through politically to keep the team in Hamilton and with the new stadium at THF, I agree he will be owner the team for a long time to come.

The Caretaker is and I agree just starting to enjoy some success with the team with back to back Grey Cup appearances and now with the new stadium, future success of the Tiger-Cats and potential soccer team and Pan Am Games this summer many great opportunities and events to look forward to with the team and future of the CFL in Hamilton.


When Bob first proposed buying a soccer franchise; WAY back in the day, I think that the entire city had a collective "WTF" look on their faces. Turns out, Mr. Young can be a pretty smart guy, given the chance. (This is not intended to be an insult to Bob, in fact, far from it. It is more a wake-up call for his detractors, those who say he lacks "vision").

I love this thread. It is February. SpeedyB is re-signed. These forums need interesting topics. And who knows, maybe someone will come up with a good idea. :wink: