Will blackouts help in Toronto

Not sure if it would even help but that stand of empty seats is not just a interest killer in Toronto it's a virus that kinda infects interest everywhere .

I thought tarping would help but there is no way tarping can fix that alone .

I am watching tonight but it does not inspire me to buy tickets for a CFL game especially in Toronto and this is with a hated rival .

Not a fan of blackouts but a modest 16 k would lift it or even less .

I wouldn't go there. I get the logic, but I don't think becoming even less visible is going to help.

The next few home games will have better crowds. Let's see if they can build off that for the rest of the season and next year.

Not sold on it myself but I wish they did something tangible for the TV side .

Cheaper seats ? Bonus give-aways .

The did cheaper seats for the next 3 games, 2 of which include admission to the Ex.

But yeah I think for next year they should re-evaluate the price of east-side seats. Maybe make them a good 25% cheaper than their west-side counterparts to try to get more people over there.

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Ford’s left the lights on ….

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Small leagues participating in large cities is a tough go at the best of times. And it doesn't help when that league constantly reminds us of its flaws by changing rules every season like they are still experimenting with the game. It's hard for people who aren't yet sold on gridiron football to take it seriously.

If the league can't expand within this country then the only hope will be to create revenue from people watching on their phones, computers, or TVs.

It's not like people can just go to a theater of their choice. Getting people to get their butts to a stadium requires giving them a good reason. In these modern times, only hard-core fans have that reason.

Find out first if the fans are fed up with the playoff system first. Maybe that's why they don't want to come to the games.

Too many games against the same opponent?

If so, imagine what it would be like if the league went to full divisional play ( like some want). Seeing 3 opponents 6x each for a couple years and an 8000 crowd will look huge by comparison.

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Ottawa plays Montreal 4 times this year too. The difference is the matchups are spreadout over the entire season.

Kinda tough when there was a Drake and Lady Gaga concert that the Argos had to go up against. As I was leaving BMO Field after the game, you can hear the Drake concert going on

someone from argos needs to delve in and find the supply and demand equilibrium.

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No, it would not.
Blackouts were part of the reason why the Argos are in this mess, we don’t need anymore 1950’s team marketing strategies. We got way too many already


I dont know, how many fans were in the seats in the 50s?

More than today

so I guess 50s marketing works then :slight_smile:

It sure did. In the 50’s. Today however, not so much

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Unfortunately we live in a Kardasian world we’re image and perception is everything.Sell the sizzle not the steak. My point is , like a younger person said to me if nobody there than why would I be there. Empty seats on tv is a killer.


Why just Toronto? Toronto draws more fans than Edmonton, and Calgaty. Why not them too?

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:sunglasses: The biggest proponent of blacking out CFL games years ago was none other than Ralph Sazio !!!

Biggest mistake he ever made :roll_eyes:

The CFL lost a whole generation of fans with that genius move :sleepy:

To do that again would be the death knell for the CFL !!