Will BC sellout Preseason game lower bowl?

Just lookin online and even the seat beside my season ticket was snapped up. BC Lions preseason could end up selling out, not many seats left in that lower bowl.

That is great news. I hope they do it and maybe more every game!

It is quite possible that the home opener will sell out too (27,500). The club is promoting a $5 youth ticket if accompanied by an adult, plus it's a Saturday night vs Calgary.

The BC Lions need to be sold NOW!!!!
They need to be sold to anyone other than Denis Skulsky.
Braley has botched every move with this franchise other than the hiring of Bobby Ackles. 17 years of his blunders,and it's a miracle that the team still exists. I don't have time to talk about the crowds of 14k back in 2001 before Ackles got there,but I will talk about how Braley and Skulsky have destroyed this franchise since Ackles death.
When Ackles died the Lions were averaging 34000 seats by selling thee entire lower bowl and the sideline seats on the East side.
Akles body wasnt even in the ground before Braley started to fuck up his legacy. On Bobby Ackles Night, the Lions sold tickets on the upper West side anticipating a near sell out. Well that never even came close to happening,but god thank it never happened. You see I was one of the poor suckers who bought a ticket on the upper West side, and had to endure possibly the worst football experiences of my life. David Braley was too cheap to open the concession stands on the West side, so you had to walk 250m to the other side to get a fuckin beer. Once you got there the line ups were beyond ridiculous. I honestly missed 10 minutes of the third quarter trying to get a beer at half time.
Then Braley was givin a free stadium at the PNE. It only had 27000 seats and thus media coverage focused on it being way too small for the Lions 35000 fans. Well Skulsky had takin charge by this point and made sure that only one game even came close to selling out(Riders of course) by having 30 dollar parking. By the end of the Tempire experience the Lions were drawing 23000 fans
No worries though right? The Lions were set to move into one of the nicest stadiums in North America(one of the most expensive anyways) They even won the coin toss with the White Caps and won the right to first event in the stadium... The news media assumed it would be an easy sell out. Well the Lions had 15000 empty seats for the grand opening!!! Braley was too cheep to do any advertising,plus he doubled ticket prices from the last time the Lions played in the stadium before the Reno.
The end result of this was not the Lions increasing average attendance from 35000 up to over 45000 like everyone expected, but Braley managed the impossible, and actually managed to drive attendance down with a new stadium!
Down from 35 to 29. Then from 29 down to 24. Then the final insult( or so we thought) last season driving down attendance to 20k. (While closing the upper bowl,which has some of the best seats in the house) To save on concessions costs.
Everyone knew the problem was Braley and Skulsky had way over shot on ticket prices( a mistake repeated by Braley when he forced the take over of the Toronto Argos)
Thus this season the moron has done a complete 0 to 100 or a 180 ,and devalued the product to 5 bucks. Like does this guy not know the basics of business. You don't call yourself family entertainment, and then price families out of the game. However, you also don't give your product away for free so that no body sees any inherent value in your ticket. Like how would you feel if you bought your wife and kids a season ticket package for the Lions and dished out 1000 dollars. Meanwhile there is a family sitting g right beside you that paid 600 dollars less for the exact same experience. Letting kids in for 5 bucks for the exhibition game is a good idea,but you never give away your regular season tickets for that amount.
Possibly the stupidest thing g the Lions do is selling only 15000 seats that are even worth sitting in. Literally half the seats they do sell are complete crap. One can only pray that the new owner starts to rebuild this franchise by selling all tickets between the goal lines ( a minority of the seats btw) and then start to sell ends one seats.

I agree a lot with what your saying except opening night did have 50,000 fans. But the dropoff after shouldve never happened shouldve stayed in the mid 40s

I agree with a lot of what you said, Bungle, but as Vanhalen pointed out, attendance for the 2011 BC opening game was 50,213 (which is still 4K short of a sellout). That aside, I've been saying the same thing for years, that the Lions have been pricing themselves way too high for the market. I remember when I first started going to games with my friends, we would buy tickets from 711 for $22 (back in 2006). When adjusted for inflation, that would be $25.29 in today's money. Those same tickets now cost $43.

I had season tickets for seven years, but after the team moved back into BC Place, the ticket prices steadily rose to the point that we hated having to miss a game because it cost too much. Last year was really difficult due to the inconsistent game days (which we had it really good, compared to the rest of the league).

I realize that other cities have comparable prices, but when you have a stadium like this, you've gotta build it up rather than block out seats to increase demand. If I can't get a seat, I just won't go. Rather, the Lions need to move back to their old model of selling tickets for cheap and getting people in the seats. If they're selling upper bowl seats for $20-$60, they can really start to bring people in. THEN, they can start charging more. Like Bungle said, it's so sad seeing attendance dwindle to about 20,000 when 35,000 was a norm just eight years ago. Attendance was greater than 21,000 just three times last year! Twice against Sask, Once against Calgary.

Lower the prices, fill the stadium, build the atmosphere, then increase prices. That's how it needs to be done.

Yup. A number of factual errors in your diatribe, Bungle. I was there for the opening of the "new" BC Place vs the Eskimos and 50,000 people were there. Whether all paid full price for their tickets is another thing, but the stands were definitely full.

Second, the Lions didn't set parking prices at the PNE (Empire Field or "Tempire" as it was known), the PNE set the prices. After the initial hue and cry, they backed off.

Also, I am no Skulsky apologist - I do agree they've effed up their price points and stadium configuration for so many years - but other factors beyond his control conspired to bring attendance down, namely the club's on-field performance (which he can't control) and not having home games blacked out. That's really hurt the gate.

The bottom line is the Lions are going for a Rogers styled Buffalo Bills sellout.
This is pathetic because it is only 27000 seats. Mind you 12000 of the seats are terrible. I guess the Lions should have thought about that before they cheaped out and closed the upper deck.

Why go to a game when you subscribe to cable and are paying professional leagues whether you like it or not? I'm a season ticket holder of every CFL team with my Rogers cable subscription and they, CFL teams, MLB teams, NHL teams etc. are making money off of me due to me subsribing to cable TV where sports IS the bulk of the cost in the basic TV packages that include Rogers and TSN.

Any pro team that tries to make me feel guilty as "not a fan" because I dont' go to games but subsribe to TSN and Rogers main channels can go away. Once they actually have the intelligence to give me a 50 percent discount, at least, on tickets to games because I do pay for games subsribing to cable I might actually listen to these pro leagues.

718 words!!! I'm sure there's a good post in there somewhere.

They lowered prices this year though.

Im paying 25 bucks a month for ten months for my season tickets

How dare you bring facts into this thread! :x

Well you are getting scammed. 5 dollars gets you in now… just grab a kid off the street and buy a ticket with him and then gi scalp the regular priced one. You obviously wont do this, but you better believe the scum of tbe earth scalpers will.

If someone wants to go through that much effort to make 10 bucks, all the power to them. They need to spend 30 bucks to get the 2 tickets that are worth 50, and will get somewhere in the middle in in return. Good times.

Bungle, I get what you are saying. The Lions need to get sold.

Problem is there is not a big lineup of $$$$$$aires to take this on.

That could not be further from the truth.. There was 19 perspective buyers, but Braley is holding the team hostage.
It's like the mutherfer takes pride in running franchises into the ground before dumping then off. Like he could have sold the Argos a year earlier and Rogers would have been on board at that time. That complete abortion of a season last year could have been completely avoided

[url=http://www.theglobeandmail.com/sports/football/with-bc-lions-for-sale-long-time-owner-starts-assessing-potential-buyers/article27345606/]http://www.theglobeandmail.com/sports/f ... e27345606/[/url]

The 5 dollar ticket for kids is a good initiative to bring your family to the stadium . Yes some will take advantage but it's a great gesture by the BC Lions to bring in kids to watch the CFL .

The 5.00 promotion is good on the surface.

My concern is that it’s applicable to every section including mid-fields and club seats. If I was STH in that area, wouldn’t be too pleased. Do it for the corners and end zone seats to fill in the gaps. Otherwise they’ll just alienate the higher end season ticket holder.

Sadly, I don’t get the sense this ownership is concerned.

In 2012 the Argos brought in over 30,000 school kids for a pre-season game, the tickets were free, don't think it worked at all. They went on to have the lowest attendance every season after that.

I think giving free tickets, half price tickets etc kind of cheapens the image and gives the impression that your sport can't give away tickets. Financially you are better off selling cheaper tickets to adults and hope they come in and buy the money making things like beer at $10 a bottle.

[url=http://www.argonauts.ca/2012/06/11/30000-students-confirmed-for-field-trip-to-argos-pre-season-home-game/]http://www.argonauts.ca/2012/06/11/3000 ... home-game/[/url]

OK, thanks Bungle.

I was not aware of that.
That is good that there are people who want to invest and get the Lions where they need to be.
Sooner he sells the better it will be for everyone.

He better take an offer while those 19 are still interested. To a Canadian invester I hope.
The American investers we have had in the CFL have been epic fails.