Will BC Place still be NOISY under a Retractable Roof?

Will BC Place still be NOISY under a Retractable Roof? Certainly with the Roof open, it will likely NOT be NOISY.

But how about with the Roof Closed? Compare the NOISE level to the dome. The acoustic properties will no doubt be different and regrettably the new Stadium may be slightly quieter.

The top of the new Retractable roof (note the position of the top of the center crane) will be at 200 feet which is the height of the apex of the old dome. The sides as you can see in the pic will be higher. Each of those masts is 270 feet above the ground and glass will surround the top rim.

Glass is an excellent reflector of sound so that part is promising. However the volume of the new Stadium will be greater than that of the dome ( 90 million cubic feet ) due to the higher sides and this will create more echo.

An analysis is welcome


It will likely be quieter but that isn't the main thing which I think will change the sound volume. Its how many people are actually there. If the Lions keep playing like this, the whole place could be made to amplify noise but it won't matter if its mostly empty.

The new roof configuration wont be as loud as the old one. Its a real shame that whomever was in charge of this project got carried away with aesthetics rather than functionality. This speaks nothing of the shadows that will be all over the field that will also make it more difficult for players trying to catch balls or receive punts and/or kick-offs

What do you expect for a stadium that has a retrctable roof, of corse it is not going to be as noisy as when the roof will be closed, bc place with the teflan roof closed in when built in 83 was one of the most loudest satdiums when full i have ever been too, but with the new roof it will still be loud , but a diffrent loud , a outside loud, but remember this only if it is full, and as for a lions game well i dout it will be full at all. ( only for the grey cup game).

They'll still have a speaker system to pipe in the noise, won't they? :lol:

Sound waves travel in a linear pattern, but they alter course on contact; the resulting cross patterns create a chaotic sound. The hole can help eliminate some of that (room becomes more 'dead'), which is a good thing (sound is not trapped). The materials they contact have significant effect on thier absorbancy or repel (part of my job). The proper way to enhance crowd noise is to suspend condensor mics above seating sections - as they do in concert halls. This increases the perception of applause and audience participation. Though this is done in stadiums as well, I don't think it's allowed for games, as it produces an unfair advantage for the home team. I believe as well, that a new system was installed just prior to the Olympics, so the sound should be totally better than before.

I reworded the question. I’m asking will it still be as noisy with the roof closed. Of course I realize if the roof is open the sound won’t be as loud. But with the roof closed how will it compare to the dome?

It all depends on attendance, and on whether or not Jonny Microphone is on the sidelines reminding the fans when they are supposed to cheer. Seriously. If Mosaic Stadium can be loud without a roof, then BC Place - sans Teflon Dome - will be just fine.

Third mast going up now. Too bad things aren't going as smoothly with the on field product as they are with construction

The way the lions are playing they can put up the new roof at bc place all they want, nobody will show up when the lions are playing there next year.