Will Bauer "sell out" the Bombers?

A GM usually hires and fires coaches, but I suspect Lyle Bauer is in charge of that in Winnipeg, not Taman.

While Bauer's business skills pulled the Bombers out of red ink, he has the same gleam in his eye that Jets owner Barry Shenkarow had when he knew he was about to step out of public constraints and "sell out" to outside investors.

If I am correct, Lyle Bauer will probably sabatage this season & keep the coaching situation as it is to provide the excuse he needs to clean house (Berry, Cartwright, Taman)pave the way for private sale & take his place as Asper's highly paid lapdog.

I realize that's extremely cynical (some would say treacherous), but if I'm correct... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kPCq1u0_gRc

....the way this team is performing...i think, as of now, Asper is probably reconsidering his whole attempt at ownership of this mess... :lol:

The Bombers are a means to an end; they are not an end in themselves to people like David Asper. He wants to acquire the prime real estate on Maroons Rd. and he wants corporate welfare to build a complex that will give him revenue streams for years to come.

The 2008 Bombers are of little concern to a land developer--it is the anchor tenant that secures the building of the new stadium that matters to Asper.

As I indicated earlier, sabotaging the 2008 campaign would pave the way for private ownership. A Grey Cup winning 2008 community owned team might not be interested in giving up its ownership--something David Asper has demanded.

As you once pointed out papalooza, for guys like Chipman the deal is all that matters. Sports teams are just a means of making the deal happen.

...i hope the 'PAPALOOZA' thing was just a misprint ...or perhaps your typing skills have left you....spinny99'''',,,ol chap...

You are absolutely correct in your assessment and my only concern is that we're getting screwed over in the process. the time has come for a concerted effort to stop this terrible deal, perhaps a grassroots campaign of like minded individuals. I'm more than willing to work towards something like this, but need to know the support is there otherwise I simply look like a looney! lol

Check out my post, "Do you want to sell Your team?" for a more in depth look at what I'm thinking


Sory, ime hookd on phonics. it's better than apalooza, papazoola.

RE: Do you want to sell your team to a bunch of bloodsucking shysters? Hell no! The question is with Mayor Conflict of Interest, Sam Katz, whether or not we can stop the Jewish Land Developers form turning our city into a MONOPOLY BOARD.

Before you label me a bigot, you should know that I fully support Labor Zionism (Kibbutzes), Revisionist Zionism (a largely populated Holy Land and a strong military presence to back it up) and Religious Zionism (the restoration of Orthodox Jewish religion and customs amongst the Jewish people).

I oppose Liberal Zionism, the infiltration and takeover of wealthy and influential spheres of a foreign land to advance the cause of a select few Jews and Israel. It is a cancer that drains the life out of every nation it touches. Ask the schmuck of the 20th century, the USA, who is teetering on bankruptcy after being "Enronned" by the Federal Reserve, the Treaasury, banks, savings and loans, the law and medical societies, big pharma, insurance, mainstream media, and the entertainment industry.

Winnipeg lost the Jets and won't see them returned because of Bettman and the Liberal Zionist bloodsuckers in New York and the media. That includes Barry Shenkarow, who made a cool $80M from the sale. he was crying all the way to the bank.

In my opinion, Liberal Zionism is the most greedy, parasitic anti-Semitic device ever created. It resulted in the displacement and deaths of 6 million innocent Jews.

....I have one comment on the post...I have lived in the Jewish community for a good part of my life... attended school there and worked..SEE...West Kildonan ...Garden City area where there is a great number of Jewish families...I have the utmost respect for them and the way they conduct their lives ...close families are the norm with them...They are very shrewd business people and because of that success have certainly produced a lot of jealousy in the gentile population (of which i'm one)..I also appreciate the good things they have done for the city and hopefully will continue...It's a good-thing to see both sides of people...and this world would be a better place for it.....end of...