Will Austin's Challenge get noticed?

After sunday's terrible loss to Montreal, Head coach Kent Austin had a few words for his players and according to Drew Edwards
story from the Scratching Post but do fans think Austin's comments will get noticed and the players come out and play a full 60 minutes against the Riders this Sunday or do fans think the players won't rise to the occasion yet again?

MONTREAL - Hamilton Tiger-Cats head coach Kent Austin challenged his players after Sunday's agonizing 38-31 Canadian Football League defeat at the hands of the Montreal Alouettes, all but holding up a giant mirror in the locker-room.

"We have to learn from it," a visibly frustrated Austin said after the game. "That's what I told them: You need to take a hard look at how hard you're preparing during the week and how much it matters to you.

I wonder if it really does matter to the players, I guess we'll find out on Sunday?

Well, the Command Centre has been ignoring his challenges all season, so why expect anything different from his players?

Yeah, how long before teams need to be granted a challenge direct to the commish to overturn the command Centre's.

Yeah, it must be hard for Austin to watch these breakdowns. The guy is a fierce competitor and wants to win. Hopefully the players will let his intensity rub off on them.

Chris Schultz doesn't think Hamilton can beat Saskatchewan this Sunday, predicts a closer game than last one but still same outcome Riders over Tiger-Cats.

Chris Schultz TSN/Schultz Vs the World:

Game 2 at the new Tim Hortons Field and should be a better one than the first one, a 13-12 Hamilton win over Toronto on Labour Day. The best play last week in Montreal for Hamilton was the screen pass to Mossis Madu out of Oklahoma and successful it was. Richie Hall will be ready for it as a defensive coordinator. Zack Collaros played well and Hamilton played a good first half against Montreal. But it was just a half. Overall the Riders have a better pass rush and better pass protection, and run offence and run defence. They are just the better team. In Week 1, the fourth game of a young CFL season saw a final score of Riders 31, Tiger-Cats 10. This one will be closer but with the same winner. Saskatchewan Roughriders.

Schultz predicted Montreal would win in a close one over the Ticats too! Wonder if he expected the refs to assist?

While I would love to see the Ticats stick it to the RIders the way they have stuck it to the Ticats in the past few games, I'm not going to hold my breath. Stopping the run game - the three-headed monster - will be paramount. Will Austin/Condell fight fire with fire and try to wear down the Rider defenders with a run game too? Hard to say. I just hope that the Ticats come out fired up and ready to do their best to take down the green machine AND stay that way for a whole 60 minutes regardless of the officiating! :twisted:

Austin may have lost the respect of the players' Look at the Montreal coach - looks like Alfred E Newman and makes some of the stupid calls. Yet the players play hard for him and want and desire to win. I don't get that feeling watching Austin or the players.

Actually, I've been waiting for over 10 years for the Ticats to come out "fired up and ready to play". Can anybody honestly remember when they've done this since Bob Young has owned the team?

So, according to Austin, it's all on the players - it's all their fault...
Perhaps Austin should take a hard look at himself and his coaching staff and how they're preparing the team during the week and also examine every aspect of their coaching approach and methodology.
This is Austin's/Tillman's team now. They have shed a large number of veterans and brought their own people in. Austin has the quarterback he wanted and he has assembled the coaching staff he wants. He has the control...
If the team is not successful and/or is not playing the way he wants, he needs to accept a large part of the blame. That will be next to impossible for an inflated ego such as Austin's.

Well if that doesn't maybe the fact the the Als garnered TWO PoW awards against them - defense (Woods) and STs (Rodgers) - in ONE half of play no less :oops: might do the trick! :x

Email the league is one of the ways to get noticed, I emailed Mark Cohon and Glen Johnson, the CFL emails are first initial and last name followed by @cfl.ca , for example Mark Cohon's email address is mcohon@cfl.ca

Your opinion matters, Go nuts folks :rockin:

Austin will need to walk a fine line he is playing the blame game. He has hand picked the players so in his mind these are the best possible athletes for the team. I don't think he is the mastermind he thinks he is and as for player evaluation I don't see any player on this team that would make another team scheme and make absolutely sure this person is covered. There is a reason why some of the last years starters who are not hurt are stuck on the IR? Cut them and move on and find suitable
replacements. I believe he is too undecided about the current talent level and if I were Austin I would have Tillman search the earth and find TALENT.


" Actually, I’ve been waiting for over 10 years for the Ticats to come out “fired up and ready to play”. Can anybody honestly remember when they’ve done this since Bob Young has owned the team? "
No … No recollection at all.

And that folks … in large part - signifies a major part of the current ‘issues’ facing the 'Cats.

There just isn’t true leader on the team anymore !

No ... No recollection at all.

And that folks ... in large part - signifies a major part of the current 'issues' facing the 'Cats.

There just isn't true leader on the team anymore !
Everytime the Cats play the Argos :rockin: the record speaks for itself !!

High penalty yardage is a direct reflection on coaching and lack of Discipline my dear Watson :cowboy:

That's what I told them: You need to take a hard look at how hard you're preparing during the week and how much it matters to you.
Place all the blame on the players and question their preparation. That's a good way to lose the room.

I've said before, I like Kent Austin but I think he's wearing too many hats with the Tiger-Cats as Head Coach and GM, he needs to do one job and do it great, not both, if he wants to Coach fine but give the hat of GM too someone else and lets run the Tiger-Cats like the majority of professional football teams with one head coach and one GM and get someone damn good for that job as well!!


BIGCAT, Austin will not give up his other positions and just be the Head Coach
Of the 8 teams(OTT doesn't count) over the last 3 seasons only 1 team has the same HC!
His name is Hufnagel in CGY and soon he will step aside for Dave Dickenson to take over.
There is zero job security in the Head Coaching ranks!

Grover - If that's the case we better see some production out of the Tiger-Cat players this Sunday because this team is lacking drive, motivation and quality of players everything both a Head Coach and a GM are supposed to provide a team.

This team made it to the Grey Cup last year but Lost and has had pretty much losing record since 2000, last year a little different but in the end we still lost and this year so far is a right off the only thing that's keeping the Cats in is the fact that the other Eastern Teams stink as well but at least Montreal and Toronto are trying to improve and Win, Ottawa is new and going through their own growing pains but No excuses for Hamilton to play this bad anymore.

Maybe Austin should fine the players and team when we don't Win, collect the money and give it to charity at least something positive might come out of this?

WOW...do that many people have that short memory?
How did the Cats start the game against the Argos just 10 days ago.
ALL FIRED UP that is how.
ST came down like a bat out of hell and created a TO.