Will attendance suffer from the ticket price increases?

Just wanted to know Cat fans opinions on this years average attendance? due to the ticket price increases. do you think our attendance will drop, or if we have a good team this year( will the prices not matter), and the attendance increase? How do we compare around the league with ticket prices?

Living in Vancouver, I`m just curious about the attitude in Hamilton about the increases. Is Bob, right in doing this?

I think any attendance fluctuations will mainly be the result of the team's performance. I predict both to go up.

I think the home opener vs. Montreal will have about 22 thousand and the teams play after that will determine whether it goes up or down. If the team does badly out of the gate again then don't expect a very big crowd at the 2nd home game.

Your right guys,

I`m sure it depends on how well they do out of the gate! I never really understood, why Bob, increased ticket prices, rising economy?? Based on the teams performance over the past 5 years? You think he would give the fans a break. Especially how great they have been supporting the team through these years.

Will they Season Ticket Base Between 15,000 or 16,000.

so a 6000 Walk up is not bad.

I am bidding it only be 21,500-23,000 For Montreal

Then if we win 25,000+ for next Game

If we lose 19,500 or Under

If not not mistaken, did not more tickets actually decrease in price?

Wasn't it more of a re-adjustment of what sections were worth what, so that Hamilton would fall more in line with the rest of the league?

I should do some research on ticket prices around the league and find out where we fall?

I wonder if all teams, have generally the same pricing?

I think you're right there Kirk. My seats in sec 7 went up to prime seat prices. I didn't feel like paying that large increase more and I didn't feel like moving either, so I'll be watching games on TV this year.

I do hope attendance picks up for Bob's sake and the sake of the team.

Fortunately as I read in the main forum recently that about half the salaries of the players are covered by the TV contract. Otherwise, yikes. Although I guess the cap would be lower.

It's too bad that things didn't snowball upwards when Bob came on board as I was thinking about 4 years ago or whenever it was Bob came on board we'd all be talking about how IWS is almost too small with a waiting list for season tickets and that. Oh well, what can you do I guess. :?

Myself, I downgraded my season tickets to less expensive seats due mainly to personal priorities but not having seasons tickets was not an option for this guy, no friggin way!

My seats went up to so I will just pick and choose which games to go to and over all spend less money.

I think Bobs a great owner, and has done nothing but positive things for the city of Hamilton. I just wondered why the increase. Im sure he has justifiable reasons,

Like CaptainKirk says there might have been a decrease in some ticket prices. I should have done more research on this.

Anyway I really hope the attendance is great this year. It`s such an awesome experience going to sold out games!!

And that about sums it up right there. The people in section's 26 and 7 were hit hard.....really hard. (I know because I was one of them.)

Personally, I was upset but then decided to move 10 yards to the right and save myself $300. I don't blame anyone for not wanting to pay those prices or for not wanting to move, but I had to. (Couldn't live without having tickets to every game....I'm too used to it now.)

However, there are a lot of people from my section that will not be renewing because of this. Some feel they have been treated poorly after years and years of loyalty to the Club. Basically everyone I run into that sat in my section has said this to me. (It's mostly the older people who have been STH's for 20+ years.)

I understand both sides, but you're kidding yourself if you think this won't hurt our attendance figures. We'll be lucky to average 22,000 this season if we have a .500 team. We'll be under 20,000 if we stink again.....the only way attendance goes up is if we come flying out of the gates and roll to a playoff birth.

Why dredge this up?
Didnt you get your fill of this issue when it first arose 5 months ago?
Probably the most discussed issue in the history of this site and you want to try and start it up again just before the season starts?

Agendas: :thdn:

I didn`t Dredge this up.

I live in Vancouver, so I`m out of the loop on this issue.

Thats why I asked the question in the first place. Not to rekindle anything. Im geniunely interested to know what fans think. Besides if they dont want to respond to this question they dont have to!

I don`t see anything negative about asking about something like this.

How is anyone "out of the loop" with the internet?

What does it matter??

I havent posted in a while. I did a key search on this topic. I didnt have the time to check 5 months back, but who cares, anyway??

Apparently other posters don`t mind the thread.

5-6 mos. after the fact that is the perfect way to end this thread.

I didnt know this topic was brought up. Otherwise, I wouldnt have started the thread.

Like I said, People don`t have to respond. they can ignore it.

Were all ticat fans here!!!! I was just interested, in opinions.

Then how did you know there were price increases?

I knew there were price increases, but I wanted to know the overall opinion of fans. Even though, I`m in Vancouver. I really want to see the organization succeed.

As you know attendance is a big part of their success.