Will Arbuckle get a chance to play?

Now that he has been traded to the Edmonton Elks - - will Arbuckle actually get on a field to play? Back up in Calgary that showed promise - - traded to Ottawa then signs with Toronto now dealt to Edmonton. It is time to see what this guy can do with consistent playing time.

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To this point, only Naylor is saying Arbuckle is traded, the CFL so far are silent on the topic.

I don't see an upside to a trade for either team at this point.

Arbuckle CAN'T help Elks this year and he becomes a free agent end of season.

Why would Elks give away a 3rd round pick.

Other dumping cap money, the risk of giving away a Toronto (play book) experienced QB just as the playoffs are about to get underway, would be...... Let me try to be delicate....... effin nuts!

Hey what do I know?