will any trades be delayed until draft day...

...Because TSN is televising the draft live on Saturday, and "late breaking trades aired live on TV" might make it more exciting?

I think so.

I think the Cats will trade at least one of their first round picks. But, for the above-mentioned reason, we probably won't hear about it until Saturday, even if it actually happens ahead of time. Last year Obie's trade of a draft pick for Knowlton happened a week in advance of the draft. I don't think TSN will allow those transactions to disclosed ahead of time this year.

TSN has no control over those type of decisions.

I am with whoknows on this.

What happens if Obie has a deal, holds off until draft day and some other team swoops in with a better offer.

Nice theory but it will not happen.
Not to say that there will not be draft day trades, but they will not delay them for TSN coverage.