Will Andy Fantuz be the next Henry Burris?

If Andy Fantuz leaves the Riders for a place like Edmonton or Winnipeg will he be the new most hated player when he comes back to Mosaic stadium?

why does there have to be any hated player???

Because now we only get to see Burris twice a year so we need a new guy :lol:

Henry, when he left, made one critical error. He tried and tried to convince Rider fans that he wasn't going to leave. He mistakeningly flapped his lips and tried to remain friends with Riderville even though he knew what was going to happen. Then two days later there was a front page newspaper picture of Henry wearing a black cowboy hat and a Stamps jersey.

My opinion. He should have stayed quiet...........just like Fantuz is now doing!

Henry should have left. If I was Henry I would have left! You had the Shiv telling everyone that Nealon Green was the #1 guy. Calgary needed a QB, Henry's a capable QB, they threw a nice monetary offer including house and cars, duh! But he had to flap his lips, trying to stay friends with Riderville and that deception earned him a tough ride from Riderville........I believe justified and just alot of fun...........I will miss it "HENRY HENRY HENRY". Lots of fun.

I think we have a great shot to keep Andy. He knows what he'll get here. An offer is sitting and waiting and on the 15th Andy will likely be hoping for numbers that are 10-20% more? Is this realistic? And if somebody writes him a blank cheque and he decides to go then see ya later.

Edmonton.......Andy has to consider taking balls from Jyles. I don't believe Tillman will ride Jyles into Training camp. I think there will be a trade or something. Andy has played with Jyles and needs to believe that he is starter quality........is he as good or better than Darian?

Toronto and Hamilton - Hey, if he wants to be a homer and get home.........so be it. Keep in mind we might get a homer to. Brendan Labatte is available and don't kid yourself that the Riders will aggressively seek him out. Alex Gauthier was making $150K. They will offer brendan this range and it instantly makes a Rider O-line very young, and improved. Getting Labatte isolates the teams risk if Geno decides to retire. You retire a legend and replace him with a guy that could be a legend if he wants to be. We have lots of Homers on the Saskie team and its great our Junior/High School/College and youth programs are producing high calibre stuff.

If I had to bet money today........I bet Fantuz returns with a 3 year deal. The only unknown factor is the Homer factor. If he really wants to be in Ontario he'll take less money to do. That is the reality of this.

Either way I wish this guy well. As long as he keeps his mouth shut and doesn't negotiate through the media/socialmedia he's doing the right thing.

Henry deserved every ounce of what he got. He's written the book on what not to do when entering FA!

No comparison what so ever. I think the fans will always have a soft spot for Andy no matter who he plays for in the future.
I know that it is idealistic but I think if the agents could be left out of it - filling the players with visions of grandeur - players like Andy might stick around and be more appreciative of what they have rather than what they can have.

I voted No.

I think Fantuz has conducted himself with class through his whole career, and is continuing to do so now. He is not hiding his desire to play in the NFL, but at the same time he is not coming across as cocky or arrogant IMHO.

If I recall, Burris left on quite a sour note, and also has encouraged the razzing he takes in Regina to continue. Personally, I didn't mind seeing him go, as during his time as a Rider, I thought he was vastly overrated. Yes, he developed into a premier QB some years later in Calgary, but while he was in green, he was a million dollar arm with a five cent head.


Yes, Andy is handling it all very professionally. I just hope that he keeps in mind some of the endorsement and career potential he gains playing in Saskatchewan. Yes, he will be offered more than what he has been thus far, but no other province puts a CFL player on a shrine like Saskatchewan...fact.

One can not fault Andy for going after his full market potential. My biggest hope is that he is willing to come back to the club with offers he receives as a FA and gives them a chance to step up. It sounds like they are about 60-80K apart. Some team is going to step up in the Andy sweepstakes and pay him 280-300...huge price tag for a receiver in the CFL...but somebody will step up.

well, it's a very hard decision because he is requesting too much money.

the Riders clearly cannot afford to keep him at what he's asking for.

the already offered $200,000 but he said no.

so it's difficult.

no worries though, nobody is going to give him anything more than $200,000

I'm expecting Fantuz to be wearing green and gold next season. And, if that happens, I will still be a fan of his. He gave Rdier fans some memorable moments. His TD in the '07 Grey Cup was a beauty! Burris didn't come close to giving us the kind of pride we get from calling Fantuz one of our players. I hope we get more years out of him. But, even if not, he'll always be one of our best and classiest players.

Regardless of what Fantuz does in Free agency, he will never be hated like Burris. First off, Fantuz won us a cup, including being named the Canadian MVP of the game. Second like others have mentioned Andy has not stated publicly that he will be staying with the Riders like Burris did (I believe Henry's statement was along the lines of "I ain't leaving until I win a cup"). Big difference.
Andy doesn't owe us anything more. Henry did.

[url=http://www.thespec.com/iphone/sports/article/673043--fantuz-still-flirting-with-ticats-riders]http://www.thespec.com/iphone/sports/ar ... ats-riders[/url]

I think its all been said here. Andy made a career move, was honest and classy about it. Hank thumbed his nose at the club and was immature about it. I'm sure there will be a handful of Rider fans booing Andy in bitterness, but I bet he gets a standing O during the player intros the next time he steps onto Taylor Field.

Fantuz ne sera pas le prochain Burris, mais le prochain receveur des Roughriders à recevoir des passes de Burris...

Fantuz n'est pas la prima donna qu'est Burris. Et contrairement à lui, il ne renie pas ceux qui l'ont encouragé. Ça a été le cas l'an dernier lorsqu'il est allé à la NFL, et ce sera en cas encore cette année même s'il joue ailleurs. Burris, lui, me semble exercer un mauvais leadership partout où il passe. C'est un très bon quart, mais quel esprit imprime-t-il à son équipe?