Will Als trade for a MLB ?

Trade Hamilton for Bobby Brooks. He will cure you MLB needs in an instant (hes an import tho)

Thanks dude, but we've already given you enough talent for this year (read: Terry Vaughn in return for nothing). From what I have seen this past Thursday, Louis Mackey looked pretty good. He could be another future star brought in this league as an unknown man by Jim Popp. Let him and Taylor try first, and then we'll look elsewhere if there's still a need.

I'm for that. MLB might, just might, be a weakspot, but let's see if Taylor and/or Mackey can get the job done. Frankly, I'm more worried about Crutchfield on the corner than I am about MLB at this point.......

Who needs Crutchfield?

We can start :

  • Cox (CB)
  • Bell (DB)
  • Karikari (S)
  • Kent (DB)
  • Sanchez (CB)

And we have Proulx and Boulay if someone's hurt. And, we can still use Crutchfield as a backup. He'd be a good backup. I'm just not fond of having him as a starter.