Will Als trade for a MLB ?

Do the Als trade for a linebacker or do they have someone at camp who can control the midle?

I wish we still had Kevin Johnson

Johnson had a bad year last year....and Garrison frankly didn't impress me.

This year, according to the Als' website, we have Garrison, Dwayne Levels, David Simmons, Grant Steen, and Dwayne Taylor trying out at MLB.

Not sure that's good enough for the CFL this year, with there being parity across the board.

I might be crazy (probably am, my first two wives will tell you)...but I might take a look at dropping Kai Ellis or Anwar Stewart or Jerome Haywood off the line and giving them a look-see at MLB.

Funny you say that cause Kai Ellis is listed as a LB on the Als roster page...

I feel the same way with the league being as tight as it is. Can the Als look at a GC without an experienced MLB...? The Creature certainly has the athletic and size.

I saw that too, Ellis listed as a LB on the roster.....odd, since on the depth chart at the site they show him at DE.....

Okay, so now we've released Garrison, Nix, and Tugbenyoh; so I guess my idea is now dead. Stewart and Ellis should now be confirmed as the starting DEs, no way either will be tried out at MLB.

Nix getting the chop isn't surprising, what with Haywood and Romero added. At DT we now have Philion, Wayne, Gibson, Haywood, and Romero; wonder if they'd think of trying Haywood at MLB?

Taylor seems to have the job with Steen trying to fit in also.

But Steward at MLB... Hmmm THAT be SWEET!

Well, the Don seems pretty fond of new guy D.D. Achonolu, so maybe that guy could join Stewart on the d-line, and Kai Ellis could be MLB.

OR... and this was my first thought months ago, we could move Strickland to the middle and have Philipp Gauthier on the outside (with Butler still on the other side). That'd be sweet.

Strickland is too small to play MLB. Imagine him getting hit by Ricky through the hole... OUCH! :wink:

Sorry Third but I'm with Marty on this one. I certainly do think well of Gauthier, the little I've seen him play (certainly prefer him to Botteril), but I think Strickland hasn't the size to play MLB.

You speak like an NFL scout !

Them's fighting words!

I've never been so insulted in my life! Wait a minute, that's not true, I have been so insulted before....come to think of it, I've been called lots worse.

Oh well. I still like the idea of dropping either Ellis or Stewart back to MLB, but it sure isn't going to happen, they'd have been working on it by now one would think if it was a plan. So I guess we just have to wait and see how Taylor or Steen pan out. I'd say MLB might be our Achilles heel on defense this year, but we may have an even more serious problem....last time I looked, the Depth Chart still listed Crutchfield as starting at one of the corner spots....not too keen on seeing that for another year.

With a lazy Moss too!

I think Taylor will be great as MLB. So have no fear boyz, we're in good shape. But we are getting thin with the DBs though... still think we should have kept Durden... at least for ChrisK's sake ;D (a diehard Durden fan)

Durden was our best defensive back last year. You hardly heard his name mentioned during games, and for very good reason...no one was throwing to his area; he was the best shut-down cover guy we had. With Malveaux and Crutchfield back there, what QB wouldn't jump at the chance to throw against those two as opposed to Durden? He'll be missed....

And I can't see us using Ricky Bell much this year. He showed up late. Almondo Curry did that last year, it put him in the Don's doghouse and you just never get out once there; so he got traded. I forsee much the same happening to Bell.

Hey, it appears the MLB who mostly impressed the Don and his coaches so far is Louis Mackey. Anybody ever heard of that guy?

So, what's the verdict on MLB? Is it Mackey, Taylor, Steen, or that other guy? Or do we move Kai Ellis to the MLB spot since Matthews seems to like Achonolu at rush end?

Mackey looked good last night. Steen didn't. I have the feeling the job will go to Taylor anyways because he has more CFL experience.

#32 Dwayne Levels played well also. He's huge, at 6'3", 255 LBS, but he has great mobility. A force to stop the run in the middle. MLB is a spot to stop the run, where you need strength and speed, and in my opinion, Levels has the whole package.

Forget my last post about Levels, because he just got released LOL. Along with Ian Smart.

Looks like it's down to Taylor and Mackey. My bet is that Taylor secures the spot because of his experience. Having said that, Matthews will of course choose Mackey to prove me wrong. :slight_smile: