Will Alouettes Season Be Delayed

Time to make it a topic of its own.

Tweets from Arash Madani:

#CFL offering salary cap increase of $100K in 2014 (to $4.5M). Additional league TV revenues in 2014: $24.7 million. via @ArashMadani

#CFL has unprecedented revenue but refuses to attach the salary cap to revenue. Hence, major CBA sticking point. via @ArashMadani

Major divide between #CFL & CFLPA. Labour stoppage, jeopardizing camp & perhaps start of 2014 season likely. via @ArashMadani

#CFLPA is recommending its membership proceed with a strike vote, after CBA talks have reached an "impasse." #CFL via @ArashMadani

I don't think that the regular season will be delayed; yes,there could be disturbance,but the regular season will go on as scheduled,either with regular players either with replacements.

Difficult to comment when you don't have all information/actual facts,but I cannot conceive that the League/Owners are offering only a $100,000 increase to the cap in 2014. Assuming that the Players insist on shared revenues it is then possible that the League/Owners are sticking to the $100,000 increase mentioned roughly 6 weeks ago.

Common sense will prevail and an agreement will be reached; I still maintain that there will be no revenue sharing.


The owners numbers are Way, way off from what you proposed was a fair deal. Yet you think the players will fold like a cheap tent. :lol:

Replacement players :slight_smile: Really, fans will never go for that. Have you ever seen football with replacement players ? Its unwatchable and if you think the CFL is going to find 600 pro football players in the next month well ...

How about these as replacement players :lol:


Cool, had no idea Montreal had a woman's football team :thup:
I think I'd rather see Popp and Taman face off on the line of scrimmage :lol: Popp:"Brendan, meet at the Keg after the game?"

You can see here how far apart the 2 sides are. Owners seem to be really rigid. And when we say owners, we have to assume that David Braley is the biggest voice.

[url=http://www.sportsnet.ca/football/cfl/cflpa-preparing-for-potential-labour-stoppage/]http://www.sportsnet.ca/football/cfl/cf ... -stoppage/[/url]

Neither side in a negotiation tends to move towards their bottom line until late in the game, so I am not yet worried.

They aren't arguing over numbers they are arguing over management rights in a way. If it was numbers I would agree. Players want fundamental changes and rightly so.

The players have been taking a haircut for years, now it's time to make up for sure.

With Dan Hawkins on the sidelines waving his hat !!

Yeah let's throw in replacement coaches as well :lol:

Did you know that Quebec law forbids replacement players(Scabs)

Seriuosly? Been following them since 2011. They were invited to an Als game in 2012 after they won a world title. Calvillo knows them quite well .

Busy night tonight. Als blood drive then follow the habs at the Impact game. Hopefully Montreal will do well in both sports.

Didn't Charest repel that law ?

I believe the issue was raised during the last NHL lockout and the NHLPA needed to be registered in Quebec as a labour union representing employees of a quebec employer. If the CFLPA isn't already registered already they may not be able to do it solely to block the unlikely (IMO) potential for replacements players under a current labour impasse.

Not that I am aware of and as GHT mentioned it came up during the last NHL lock out and If memory serves....during the Baseball lockout of 95

One would think after the 2005 NHL lockout the NHLPA and CFLPA would/should have investigated registering. Don't know if they could do it without being based in Quebec; perhaps an t5r4e343association for each team under the CFLPA umbrella, so that each could be registered in iota home province.

i don't follow contract negotiations as closely as others on this forum, but I'll just give my two cents' worth where the Als are concerned. And in this sense, Montreal is a microcosm for the CFL in general.

I sincerely hope for the sake of professional football in this country that the season is neither delayed nor interrupted by a labour strike over salaries. I would hope that salaries could be increased and therefore serve as some incentive to attract quality players, but any kind of a strike could be catastrophic.

Ottawa is coming back into the CFL fold after many, many years of absence. In Montreal, we had football, we didn't have football, we were part of the CFL, we were not part of the CFL.... That's 50% of the East Division! Hamilton will have a spanking new stadium, but the dispute over that cast a shadow over the team.

Hockey is king in this country and football is a measly serf. In Montreal, nobody is talking about football as the Habs are preparing for the semi-final series against New York. Would a football strike cause serious grief? Maybe in Regina, but likely not elsewhere. It is my hope, then, that the season is not compromised and that the season begin and end without interruption.

The war has started. Both sides going public. As a fan I`m p-ssed that they started the heavy negotiating in May rather than Feb.

This from Marwan Hage, CFLPA VP:

Marwan Hage ?@marwanhage 52m

I guess the Comedy and Jazz fests will be seeing alot more of me.

Together they have no way to get paid for playing football unless a deal is signed.

It will be interesting to see the strike vote; the CFL's offer is better than was previously reported and the signing bonus could be attractive to the marginal players earning around the minimum salary who have no guarantee of making it out of training camp and ever seeing a cent of the increased minimum.