Will AC start Sunday?

Hard to tell from the interviews we've seen on TV this week, but I feel that AC will start on Sunday, if for no other reason to have a bit of "face saving" (and maybe a little revenge?), considering the performances of the last two games. It appears, from what I have gathered, that the injured DBs will also be back. McPherson will likely also play (in the 2nd half); he needs the work. What say you?

Go Als go!!!

Back are



Wilson: Bruised Patula (2 weeks)
Brown: Ankle Sprain (1 week)

That's what I saw in the Gazette today. Apparently, McElveen will be in the line-up as well; this bodes well for a pass rush. It is my hope that the Als show their usual form in the first half, run up a good score, and then start resting their first-stringers in the second half. For the Als, this is a "make a statement" game. As I said in a previous post, the Bombers MIGHT just be who the Als face in the East Final. A decisive win by the Als will give the Bombers more than a little to be thinking about over the next few games. It would also reestablish the winning attiude and confidence in themselves the Als need. Let's face it, we've been down this road before in previous seasons.

According to what we've seen this week, there now seems to be a sense of urgency among the Als' players. They are certainly "talking the talk"; let's see if they can "walk the walk" on Sunday. Bomb the Bombers!!!!

Go Als go!!!

Dont know that they need to make a statement. They are unbeaten at home. I still dont agree with playing Anthony at all but can accept a quarter or so. I do expect Burke to start hidding his formations and strategies better. I expect receivers to hang on to the ball and guys not to miss tackles.

If McElveen is back and the linebacking corps is as it should be, that leaves the secondary, which has been exposed the past two games (lack of pressure up front contributing to it, no doubt).

Personally, I haven't been impressed with Dix, so if Estelle and Sanchez man the corners, I'd rather see Stanford Samuels step in for Brown at HB.

They need a statement to show they stop the bleeding and that the D failings of the last 2 games was just the team clinching. Do this and the grumblings that you hear will go away, if not i fear our D may be in some form of doo doo.

Well he cant sit out the remainder of the season, plus the bi-week and be expected to be sharp. That will be 4 weeks on the bench

I agree 100% with Mad Jack- we have seen Dix operate for two games and he has been found wanting. Stanford Samuels came to the team with sound credentials- I would like to see him operate. Would ge be able to contribute at a corner position? I sure do not want to have Estelle or Sanchez subject to injury. Waldo has operated at corner a few times last year and, was adequate, and he could use playing time too.I would like to have our first string start the game and, hopefully leave Peg with a message. After that, Calvillo should be out of the game and we might have loads of substitutions throughout the game.

Sure could use Randy Drew couldn't we :twisted:

As per CFCF news today at 6

AC is starting

My position is the same as Hassal's. The Als have 4 weeks to go before the East Final. They have nothing to gain in the standings but they MUST remain sharp. The next 2 games can be viewed as "heavy" practises. The only difference is that it's not the practise squad facing the team, it's a real team trying to prove something.

For some reason, the Als have been notorious finishers in the big game, and this goes back years if we check the number Grey Cup appearances versus Grey Cups won. While this season and several past seasons have been great successes in terms of standings, number of points, individual stats...etc., the main point for me is winning the big one. By way of analogy the Habs, during the Glory Years, seemed to thrive in post-season play. This is where champions step up to the plate.

So, for the next 2 games, the Als have to play with some urgency. This includes running good pass routes, hanging on to the ball...etc. For the D line, some pressure on the QB, adjusting in the secondary... The bye week is both a blessing and a curse. On the one hand, the injured players can lick their wounds, but it's also one more week without meaningful game experience.

In a previous post ("Playing possum?"), one respondent mentioned the final game against the Argos. I agree some of them play dirty, and this could be devatating where injuries to key personnel are concerned. While still playing some first stringers, I would send in the substitutes liberally in that one.

CFL coach always complain about how little time they have to prepare. I don't want to hear any excuses about by weeks and rust. This team gets SIX weeks to develop new plays and formations, to heal its wounds and so forth and they don't have one short trip to TO that's it till the GC.

This is huge and the Als should make the most of it, while some of the other teams are fighting to over time draws for a home playoff game, the Als are running organised scrimmages and can develop their playbook and bring players like Hawkins, Jourdain, Woodruff aboard. If this team shows up in the post season and shows the lack of imagination it showed at the last GC. It will have been an opportunity lost.

Coach Trestman has had a big part in creating this opportunity, but if his team shows up as weak as they did in last year's Grey Cup. It's on him.

Echoing Hfx, I'd like to see us be able to make quicker in-game adjustments on both sides of the ball. It seems to take us forever to respond when a team is, say, blitzing us every other play, or dropping into zone coverage on a certain down.

What killed us in last year's GC was the fact that Calgary adjusted effectively at the half (switched to zone), while we did not.

I also want to see a lot more creativity in our running game. That draw play on second and short is getting stuffed at the line because it's dead easy to read and we don't vary the look or play nearly enough. With a tailback of Cobourne's caliber and a super fullback like Carter, there is no excuse for not injecting some flair and misdirection into our running game. Why not some fullback traps, jet formations, and counters?

No excuses. Trestman & co. HAVE to have this team ready when the East final rolls around, and hopefully the Grey Cup. We have the luxury of being able to tweak our base schemes, add new formations and plays, and get non-starters involved in the offense.

Agree with both of you. There is NO SUCH THING as a "nothing game" - period!!!