Will AC break Allen's record for most passing yards?

Last week, AC went over 60K for his career in passing yards.. if he plays 2 or 3 more years, he can break Allen's record... question is, its not a question of if.. its a question if he will play long enough to get the record.

If he does, it will be in 5 less seasons than DA

AC has arguably been the best QB in the league for the past couple of seasons. He appears to still be at the top of his game. Allen played until what, 41? If AC does too, I like his chances.

DA retired at 44 and played 23 season

AC will be 37 this month and is in his 16th season

It won't happen but if AC played till he was 44 he could conceivably pass for a 100 000 yard.

I can conceivably see him staying until he the year he gets the record. If I keeps up the pace he is going at he should be able to get to Allen's record by the time he is 40 or 41 tops

He trails DA by 11,796 yards(after today's game)

Lets say he gets 3000 more this year, that leaves 8796
5000 next year( at the age of 38) leaves 3796.
He can get that the following year at the age of 39.

Of course that is provided he remains healthy and productive

I really really hope he does.
My opinion is that Allen's was an overrated qb. He was rarely an all star for me. The year he won MOP he should not have. Only reason he has the records is the longevity. I will definitely give him credit that he kept himself in fantastic shape to allow himself to play all those games. To use a comparison I would say it would be like Glen Anderson holding the scoring lead or something. All-star hall of famer for sure. Best QB, not even close.
Calvillo definitely would deserve it if he gets it.

I can see Calvillo getting the record if he decides that he wants to play long enough to get it. The reason I say that is that I would not be surprised if he retires before getting that record. I can see him retiring if he wins another Grey Cup, I can see him retiring if Ben Cahoon and Bryan Chui retire since the 3 of them all came to Montreal at or around the same time. I can also see him retiring if Trestman is fired since Trestman has kind of rejuvenated Calvillo's interest in the game. I can also see Calvillo retiring if his wife has another bout of cancer.

IF he can stay injury free, yes. However, should he have a few years infront of a poor O-Line, nope. Allen could run out of the pocket and save his arse, AC isn't nearly as good at that.

AC could possibly beat Allen for yards passing. What he wont touch is the yards rushing. AC is just over 3000 and Allen was almost 12000. You can debate who was/is a better passer, but as an overall threat and overall performance, Allen is clearly better. If you look at the big picture and not one stat. Heres the big one, one GC vs Allens 4. Pure passing you can definitely make an argument for AC and he may take that record, as an overall better QB, the argument starts getting pretty weak.

Two wonderful people and athletes...

The problem here is that you are comparing final numbers with ongoing numbers

  1. If AC plays as long as DA, his passing yards and running yards combined will far surpass DA's combined yards. If he he reaches that point then "overall" he will be a better QB. If AC's combined yards are better than DA's combined yards, then he is better overall

  2. Grey cup wins? Yes DA more, but AC could win a couple more before he retires, AND! Are you willing to say that Stegal is not the greatest receiver because he never won a GC?

Stats = mostly the individual player

That's been one of my beliefs about Damon Allen as well. He was a good / above average quarterback for a really long time, in his 23 year career you can only make an argument that he was the best QB once. He's easily a hall of famer, but the overall numbers are inflated somewhat by playing much longer than anyone else.