Will AC be rested this week

Going into week 18 and with the bye week coming so early will the Als take this meaningless game for them and give Callivillo the game off. Since they will have a first round bye they may not want him sitting out the last game and have two weeks off before the eastern final.
Jennings played an outstanding game. I do not know what the status is on Anderson but with Jennings so succesfull and with Whitaker out for the season and Anderson banged up will he be giving way to some time to Devine or will they want him in the lineup to continue to get into a groove entering the playoffs

I believe the Als would certainly prefer not having to face the Tiger-Cats in the Eastern Final.

Well the only way the Tiger-Cats can even make the playoffs is with 2 wins and 2 Edmonton losses.

If the Als do not play their regulars Sunday, let the speculation begin. I personally feel that having won the East, the Als can do whatever is best to heal up and get ready for the Final.

Give Anthony and Adrian a half each for both games. We'll have the bye after the Winnipeg game, and thus can't risk sitting Anthony for the whole Bomber game lest rust set in ahead of the EDF.

That's how I'd play it.

If Edmonton and Toronto win it eliminates Hamilton hmmmm..

Also, does the league keep track of each team's man-games lost to injury? I have to think we're at or near the top of the league in that department.

Can only hope and pray that Woodruff, Davis, and Bowman aren't too badly injured.

I hear what you're saying, Hfx, but football is a hard-hitting, 60-minute game. While it would perhaps be advantageous to meet Edmonton and not Hamilton in the EF, playing vanilla fudge in any football game is a recipe for disaster.

I say we have to play the 2nd- and 3rd- stringers, Adrian has to play a half...but all players have to play hard! I'd love nothing better than to see Adrain play a whale of a game to give the rest of the league something to think about! Some of the replacements are looking to consolidate their positions and even make the first team next year. We have a number of injuries to key personnel, and the replacements may well be playing in the EF. They therefore can't take a laissez-faire attitude to this game.

Whomever we meet in the EF will be playing like there is no tomorrow, and that's exactly how the Als must play. I think the only atitude for the Als is to play hard, no matter which players are on the field. IMO there simply is no such thing as a meaningless game.

I'm seeing it as a win-win. If we beat Edmonton it likely improves our draft pick. If we beat them it makes it tougher for Hamilton to get in. :slight_smile:

As some of you, I expect/hope that Anthony and Adrian will each play a half or so.

Not too many players can be out/rested,given the size of rosters,players available and impact on $cap.

I doubt that Rod Davis will play; for me,not a great loss,although many of you won’t agree with me; so far this season, he has only 35 tackles-roughly 2 a game- and 5 sacks. Not worth was he is paid. Will be 32 next april. Won’t be back next season. Rookie LB Kenny Ingram has 39 tackles and 3 sacks,although he was not on field as often as Davis; will be 27 next february.

To replace Davis on roster, I would add import S/LB Winston Venable on roster; currently on practice roster. Very good special team player. A little taller and heavier and he would still be in the NFL.“Has the makeup and tackling abilities of a special teams standout”.“Tough and physical. Plays bigger than his size.Explosive hitter. Terrific intangibles and football character-motivated,hardworking,vocal leader. Has pro bloodlines.” No, I am not his agent.

If John Bowman out, I would add import DE Kenny Iwebema on roster; currently on practice roster. Good pass rusher.

Kristian Matte will most probably dress and Andrew Woodruff will sit.

If S.J. Green returns, Levasier Tuinei will come off the roster.


First of all, Davis also has two interceptions to Ingram's O. Give the whole stat line for both players if you're going to compare them.

Second, Ingram and Davis are usually on the field at the same time, despite what's listed on the joke of a depth chart on the Als' site.

Third, while I agree that Davis may not be worth his cap hit and could well be released in the offseason, it's still a big loss when a veteran and key component of your defense gets injured this late in the season.

To replace Davis on roster, I would add import S/LB Winston Venable on roster; currently on practice roster. Very good special team player. A little taller and heavier and he would still be in the NFL."Has the makeup and tackling abilities of a special teams standout"."Tough and physical. Plays bigger than his size.Explosive hitter. Terrific intangibles and football character-motivated,hardworking,vocal leader. Has pro bloodlines." No, I am not his agent.
Not sure if Venable is quite tall enough to occupy Davis's position, which is essentially a tweener DE who has to be able to beat a blocking O-lineman to get to the quarterback. What I suspect will happen is that Lockley will take Davis's spot and Venable will be activated as an all-purpose LB backup.

Jenkins is also supposed to be coming back that could affect the shuffle on defense.

Richard, Richard, what happened to The Future Is Now? Davis has certainly done enough that I hope to see him here next year. The second the season is over we will also probably hear calls to replace Hebert and Anderson.

Successful teams need a mix of veterans and younger players. Look at B.C. and their defensive backfield. And after taking almost a season to adapt to Reinebolds complex defense, you dont want to start over with completely new personnel. We need another DB or two and not much else.

Wed have to find each other, but Id bet you lunch Richard that Davis is here next year. :smiley:

We are going to see the payoff next year, takes two years to get a unit working smoothly. The only guy I don't want to see back next year is Osaisai.

I take the bet idealsheldon; would definitely appreciate to meet you,if not too far; I live in Gatineau.

If too far and I lose the bet, I will glady send you a cheque for $75.00 re lunch for 2. When I say that he won't be here,does not mean that he will not be in training camp. I say he will not make team/be on roster when 2013 season begins.


That should really help our pass rush, which keys off consistent pressure from the interior of the line. Berry has been serviceable but not a difference-maker. Jenkins's absence has hurt Cash, that much is clear.

As for next season, I try not to think about the future until the present is taken care of, but I will agree with Hfx that the only player I categorically don't want to see back next year is Osaisai. Even Seth Williams has improved his play lately. That said, with the NI talent we have on the defensive line, I would be shocked if Chima came back next season. Third year here and he's still a complete non-entity. Cut him loose and keep developing Adebayo and Pall.

I get your argument but I am still extremely unconvinced that Reinebold's system is feasible in the long term, particularly given what his system has done to two of our best defensive players, Chip Cox and John Bowman. Seeing Bowman drop repeatedly into shallow coverage instead of rushing the damn passer makes me want to throw something at the TV.

Wow, d&p, I'm really surprised. Osaisai is the only player you categorically don't want returning?

I suspect you are thinking of only on the defensive side of ball.

If it's the whole team, however, I suspect that there is a certain non-import receiver you "categorically don't want to see back next year", unless you've mellowed a tad . . . :lol:

Pour ma part, je ne capitulerais pas maintenant sur Davis. Il est venu s'insérer dans une nouvelle défensive, une nouvelle équipe, en assumant des fonctions différentes. La présence de Davis paraît dans les couvertures de jeu au sol, mais il a été appelé plus souvent à aller en couverture qu'il ne le faisait avec les Eskimonos.

Je crois que Davis pourrait être plus à l'aise dans son rôle dans une deuxième saison. Également, reste à voir comment il va se comporter dans la finale de l'Est. C'est un domaine où les vétérans peuvent se démarquer.

Par ailleurs, si ma mémoire est bonne, Ingram a 2 passes rabattues et Davis en a une, histoire de compléter les statistiques.

Richard the bet is on. I live in Montreal, but have a good friend in Ottawa, we can always work out the logistics.

Im just hoping Daviss foot injury is not too serious to keep him out of the Final.

Ha! Yes, I was only thinking of the defense. On offense, I don't want Diedrick, Deslauriers, or Bowling back in any way, shape, or form.