Will a city strike impact Ticat games?

I've been reading about this potential strike and wondered if it will impact Ticat games at IWS. Workers are poised to strike at 12am on Saturday and since it is the city workers who maintain IWS is there going to be a problem??

Wow. I'd never thought of the strike impacting TiCat games, but now that you mention it, it could affect me (though the games won't be affected, I suppose). I've got season tickets, but I can't go to every game, on account of I live too far away. They have the never-a-wasted-ticket policy which means that I can exchange tickets I can't use for tickets I can. If I can't get to the Tiger Town store, this ticket exchange is done by mail, but with a strike, I won't be able to do that.

I ask this question because I remember trying to attend a practice on a stat holiday once and I couldnt' get in because the gates were locked since the city workers were off for the holiday. I am curious if this will also impact the stadium during a strike.

Whoops. I didn't read the thread title carefully enough, and I was reading about the Canada Post situation, so I thought you were talking about the postal strike. There's nothing like a thread that gets derailed on the first reply because the first person to reply doesn't bother to read carefully enough. :oops: :oops:

I think the city management can handle a football game. Ivor Wynne comes with an owners manual doesn’t it ? :lol:

Yes I'd think that there is a minimum staff required as all of the ushers concessions security and police are non city employees

The Ticat's football ops office people at the stadium know generally how the facility operates and where everything is....plus, the city uses contractors to handle all the utilities in the stadium eg: electrical. plumbing etc

Game day security is overseen by the Tiger-Cat's head of security.

The turf care is easy as it's brushed by a machine they hook onto the front of a Gator

**** post game clean-up will be done by your elected city councillors..... :lol: :lol: :lol:


“It is preferential treatment,? said Joe Seroski, whose recreational slow pitch league won’t have a field to play on if there is a labour disruption.
Coincidentally, Seroski's daughter is the Ticats' administrative assistant of football operations.

Just wait until the Unions get the contract to re-build IWS, .................My prediction is that there will be strike delays or go slows. The Unions know there will be a deadline for the 014 season and they will hold the city/province to ransom.

It wont be city workers rebuilding the stadium...

“It is preferential treatment,? said Joe Seroski, whose recreational slow pitch league won’t have a field to play on if there is a labour disruption.

“I don’t think it’s fair, not just with our group, but with the youngsters and everything like that would close, and the Ticats would still be open,? added Seroski.

“It’s still a city facility.?

Neither the city nor the Ticats could be reached for additional comment.

Seroski’s 36-team Wentworth adult mixed slow pitch league feels that if the Ticats can play, so should they.

“What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.?

I think this guy isn't thinking too clearly. Running one event for a total of perhaps six hours every two weeks is a far cry from running all the sports leagues (soccer, baseball etc) and hundreds upon hundreds of teams using dozens of facilities each and every day.

Yes, the Tiger-Cat games are a special circumstance. The guy needs to get over it. It's not rocket science. :roll:

Well that's great news to me. Sorry about Joe's luck and that of the others who are missing out. I feel terrible for the kids, but I am still thrilled that the Ticat games won't be impacted.

Glad my question finally got an answer lol.

Contract settled. Games on. Garbage too

Whats with all the strike BS up there?