Will 777 Be lucky for our Ticats

So A Ton of People are Walking down the Isle To get Married to Tomorow Cause of the Date 7 7 7.

But I am Hoping 777 is Lucky for our Ticats.
Maybe 777 Will Give us our 1st Win Playing Toronto
Since Winning 33-30 Sept 5 2005

The Odds are Better then People Getting Married
we will win our Game then a Marriage Lasting

Tomorrow is my nephew's 21st b-day. I'm hoping we're able to win it for him. It would be a great present.

Shades of the Twighlight Zone

7+7+7 = 21!!!

Life’s eerie coincidences!..lol

Its kind of strange,but i always relate 777 to the running of the bulls in Pamplona Spain.
I was there in 1980.
They hit like Zambiasi.....


Yeah, thanks for reminding me - guess where I'll be spending the evening of the home opener? :x

What's with this cute numerical coincidence romance angle, anyway - what ever happened to getting married because you got someone pregnant?

LMAO!! Well done. We’ll make sure to enjoy the game for you. :wink:

Ahhhh, the "good ole" days.. I remember them fondly.....lol

Charlie Chan: Yes honey?

Chan's fiancee: Remember that seventh son you wanted? I want my rock!

:D :D :D

Oski Wee Wee,

777 hmmmm

7 Timmy Chang = 12/15 280 yards 3 TD

#77 JoJo Walker = 89yards rec, 156 return yards and 1 KR touchdown