Will 100 point be scored this week?

With 3 minutes left in the final game of the week, A grand total of 94 points have been scored. :oops:
94 divided by 8 is not even 12 points per team... This is fuckin pathetic.

Down to 1:35 and we are still stuck at 94 points.

Didn't you bet the under this week Bungle? :smiley:

First down!! There is still hope...haha... Interception... Maybe we will get a field goal for 97 points on the week..breaking the 12 point barrier... :rockin: :rockin:

Nope.. We got 11.75 points per team this week... 11.75... 11.75... Like really... 11.75

Three of the four winning teams this week scored 16 points or less.

Bet we won't see that again for a while.

Don't care how many points the Cats score, as long as a W results. :wink:

Was just gonna post this...94 point combined in 4 games. What happened to the wide open, high scoring CFL? Reminds me of the old XFL. I guess it's the injuries at QB or great defenses? Still, a bit shocking!!! Really hurts fantasy production too!

It's the injuries to QB for sure.

Half the teams in the league are missing their starter. Then you have a bunch just coming off injuries and aren't 100%.

This year? I wouldn't be so sure.

At the Grey cup peope are going to pay 10 dollars point...Its in my home town and there is still 6500 tickets, but Im not going now that the Bombers are toast.. This will be the least successful Grey Cup since 99.

Posted this in a similar thread elsewhere:

The CFL's rep of high-scoring, wide-open offence has been diminishing for several seasons. (IMO the main reason is the expansion of rosters, but that's been hashed out in several other threads.) And the NFL's rep of low-scoring, smash-mouth, run-based offence has been obliterated over the past decade, where high-powered, precision passing attacks have become the norm.

For the record, the average NFL game this season has just under 45 points scored (44.898). The average CFL game has just over 45 points scored (45.123).

Well, that last sentence seems scoring is about even in both leagues pw13. Excellent research.

I often remember NFL games with scores like 9-6. The NFL has made life more difficult for defensive backs and that's a big reason why passing is up and scoring up in the NFL.

CFL defenses are much better now than they used to be.

and bungle goes 5 of 13 posts in the first page of his thread.

at that pace, he's almost good enough to QB the roughriders!

Seriously, what's the problem? if every game every season had the same result why bother watching sport? I mean sports period.

it's because of the fluid, unpredictable nature of competition that we as fans enjoy a game. Regardless of score, last week there was a lot of plays that showed a lot of hustle, and talent, and if you weren't on the edge of your seat during something like WPG's (failing) last minute drive to steal the game away, then you need to give your head a shake.

Unless that is, if you're just contriving reasons to moan so you can see your name on the internetz. In that case then mission accomplished.

If you can't enjoy defensive football, and need to see high scoring games to be entertained, may I suggest Basketball?

I love great defensive football. I grew up on it in Hamilton in the era of Mosca, Barrow and Henley - and there has been some games with some GREAT defence this season. But the unfortunate reality is that way too often this season it has not been so much great defensive play we've witnessed but rather some pretty poor performances by the offences.

In fact one could say at times the offences have been so bad it has been offensive. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hopefully next weekend we see some better football on BOTH sides of the ball.

And if you want to see 50 punts a game, might I suggest Soccer?

I have to agree I really dont watch football for high scores I watch for a game of good defense and offence im satisfied. Im enjoying the game just sad to see all the injuries really exploits how each team has a lack of depth to fill in these spots.