Wildest football bet ever...

[url=http://www.thesmokinggun.com/documents/wife-tased-over-bears-packers-bet-675432]http://www.thesmokinggun.com/documents/ ... bet-675432[/url]
John Grant, a 42-year-old Chicago Bears fan, and his wife Nicole, a Green Bay Packers backer, made a taser wager on the game at Lambeau Field. If the visiting Bears won, the couple agreed, John would be able to tase Nicole for three seconds.

When the Bears prevailed 27-20, Nicole was tased several times while the couple partied at the Sidelines Tap bar in Mayville, a city 50 miles northwest of Milwaukee.

and this has to do with the CFL?

Listen Robocop. What say you ? :cowboy:


"John was arrested for possession of an electric weapon charge, a felony count carrying a maximum six-year prison term (and a fine of up to $10,000). He is scheduled for a December 4 Circuit Court hearing."

If stupid John isn't careful he may find someone asking, " Who's your daddy?" while serving out his sentence. What a moron.

Umm...yeah...A bet's a bet...but tasing your wife for any reason, even with consent, strikes me as a trap.

All on camera, the wife should join him in the big house for filing a false police report.

Well it's obvious, he gets more responses than if he put it in Football (Other Leagues) where it belongs...

I agree, this has no business in the CFL section.

or he could have put it in the ticat forum where anything goes :wink:

Seriously ! After all the garbage false news threads started this week. You ladies are going to moan about ONE thread about a wild story like that. Really? If I had made the titled "Ever heard of Bets like this from CFL fans?" There is not a thing you could complain about.

tell me about it... :roll: