Wilder out for the season

Looks like Wilder is out for the rest of the season


Hopefully Milanovic-Litre can carry the mail for the rest of the season. He seems to start strong but then falters as the game goes on.

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Tough break. Wilder's career has really been derailed by injury--had a very promising start with the Argos a few years back.

I like Milanovic-Litre as a change-up, large-body FB rushing the ball, but I don't think he has the speed and agility to be your feature back.

Do you think Locksley will get the ball more, as a speedier option?

Guess EE aren't going to get any breaks at all this year. Not a huge Wilder fan but they would be a better team with him, I'll admit that. Too bad.

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Not as a featured running back. Locksley just start getting a handle of being a receiver in the CFL

Murphy moved in for the season apparently.....

Special teams coach had to go home and won't be back.

Wilder is done.

Tre Ford is still on the 6 game.

Grymes too.

...and Tre Watson.

I said he could go already before the season started though would not have wished injury upon him, but good-bye.