Wilder Jr

Is one heck of a RB and a lot of fun to watch. Too bad for T.O. that next year he will be back down in the NFL but until...ROLL ON! So WJ or BW, which do you want as your RB?

Right now, WJ.
nothin against B-whit, but Wilder is getting first downs on seemingly every carry. Not to mention, the big runs.

If this Walker Jr is anywhere near as good as James Wilder Jr has been so far, the Argos ground game will be in good shape. 8)

Yeah, Wilder. :o

Wilder still going strong and played well today but took a pounding doing so. But I believe when the Argos get all their top guys like Ball, Woods, Lemon, Laing, Van Zeyl and Coombs back for the playoffs they will be tough to beat.
Former NFL Line Backer Jordan looked ok filling in for Woods for the Argos. Sask. RB Former 1st round draft pick Richardson looked too slow and over weight to play in the CFL.

This was still a winnable game for the Argos. But hats off to Brandon Bridge coming off the bench and lighting a fire under the Rider offense.

If all the injured come back in time for the playoffs they will be in great shape.

You can see the formula for winning and the personnel it takes to get there. How many times did Wilders power get him extra yards.

Did Richardson comment after his first game?

Richardson looked too slow and over weight for the CFL. Probably thinking what Ricky Williams said about the CFL. Ricky said he couldn't see any difference in the talent level of the defenses. Size only matters on the smaller NFL field.

3down is saying Wilder is back and healthy

I heard on a sports show recently some NFL guys talking about HOFer Eric Dickerson. He was about the same size as Wilder Jr. I believe. Around 6'2 225. He was trashed back in his day for not fighting for an extra yard when he was being gang tackled. He said it wasn't worth the wear and tear on his body unless it was an important few inches. Of course back then a RB was expected to go head first into the tackles, meet them head on head. Now they know that is not always the smart thing to do.
So I hope James Jr. remembers some of that and stop fighting for every inch while 3 or 4 tacklers are lining him up. If he needs a few more inches for a first down or a TD I guess you have to go for it. But not every play or he will have a short career.

He is a chip off the old block, I was a huge fan of Wilder Sr. As I am a Bucs fan.
The kid is very impressive as well. Hopefully the kid can deliver a championship to the household.