Wilder Jr confirms he is un-vaxed

Edmonton Elks star running back James Wilder Jr. is tired of hiding.

The CFL’s leader in yards from scrimmage through Week 11 of the season confirmed on Twitter and individually to 3DownNation that he’s unvaccinated against COVID-19.

He won't be able to travel by plane after Oct 30

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Right on.

In other words, James Wilder will be absent when the Elks finish their season by playing 3 road games in 7 days.

Hopefully, those Edmonton players who play all 3 games come through without injury because it sure seems likely that somebody is going to get seriously hurt.


Back ups could take reps in the middle game. They most likely won't make the playoffs anyways.

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Hamilton should attempt to trade for him. He would not need to fly until season's end, they need a running back and the Elkimos are need assets to rebuild, maybe Hamilton can trade them a QB as part of a package?

Why should anyone do him any favours?
He should not be allowed to play, never mind fly


I don't think he deserves any. I just think Hamilton needs to improve the position. They have one of the weakest running game in the league, this will be trouble for them in November and December weather.

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But the CFL players union and the collective bargaining agreement won't enforce vaccinations. Union shops all over the country won't enforce mandatory vaccinations.
Private businesses don't enforce vaccinations. You can enter a restaurant in Ontario and the person checking your vax status may not be vaccinated.

If the Esks charter a private aircraft they won't need to prove vaccination

After reading this article, Wilder could fly after producing a negative test up until the end of Nov.

Canadians flying after Oct. 30th WILL be able to fly with ONLY a negative test until the end of November. This means unvaxxed CFL players can get to road games in Nov.

Bottom line on CFL and travel restrictions announced today: unvaxxed players will be able to travel to road games through November as long as they have a negative test. Restrictions will affect E+W Finals and Grey Cup. CFL must decide how to handle that.

And then there is this from the League

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Yes they will....besides that, I don't see your point

The only thing I can find is you can provide a negative test if you are in the process of getting vaccinated...meaning you received 1 shot!

Besides, its 3DN.....they are nothing but click bait

The way the season is going for the Elks, this new policy really won't affect him anyways.


It's a nothing burger now . Elks will most likely be playing for next year by then .


No way. Not worth the hassle. Not one bit. Nope

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But Wilder isn't the only player not vaxxed.
It has been reported that five CFL teams have reached the 85 percent vaccination threshold: B.C., Saskatchewan, Winnipeg, Hamilton, and Montreal. That means that 4 teams are lower than that.

The 5 teams with 85% would have 15% unvaxxed, if roster sizes total around 80 then each of these teams would have around 12 players not vaxxed.
Ambrosie said that players can not travel unvaxxed after 30 November, but teams can travel on private charters and no mixing with the public. I'm sure the players union will object to Ambrosie's edict.

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Not sure how the PA will react as it will only affect a small number in the membership.

Since it comes into effect after November 30, it would only apply to the road team in the west final and the west champ in the Grey Cup. Could be the same team twice.

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Canadian Football League commissioner Randy Ambrosie told TSN Football Insider Dave Naylor Tuesday the league is operating under "informed guidance" that charter planes will not be exempt from a flight ban set to begin in Canada this fall regarding unvaccinated individuals.

Who cares if he's vaxxed or not ?

Does anyone know if he's vaxxed against Hepatitis ?
Or does he receive the annual flu inoculation ?
What about Typhus ?

I hope I'm not the only one who is concerned about the direction that Society is going in right now ?

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People have drank the cbc kool-aid unfortunately.

Indoctrination is very real... 1984 and Brave New World come to mind.