Wilder going for 1K - 1K in 2018

I hope James can rush for 1,000 and add another 1,000 receiving. Hats off to him if he can, but I think he will find things tougher in 2018. Opposition Coaches and defenses will have had the off season to study and scheme. A good line backer keying on him will make yardage a lot more difficult to come by. Trestman will have to mix things up to keep the defenses guessing.

I hope for the sake of the Argos and the league that he doesn't try every time for an additional inch or two unless it really matters. Rather he step out than be crushed every time

It looks like he was guaranteeing to do it in the NFL he doesn't want to get hurt playing here now .

Looks like he wont be playing at all.

He should play out his contract that's what he signed on for. If not this year then next. He could get hurt at tryouts for the NFL.
So that's a poor excuse.

I would not be surprised if the team negotiates both with Butler and Wilder signing an increased 2 year deal each at $100k-$125k, per season.

I was surprised Popp didn't try and extend Wilder after the season when he had some 2017 Cap money left for a bonus. Give him a signing bonus of 50,000 and extend him for 100,000 plus some bonus money for certain goals reached. Give him an out after the 2018 season to try the NFL.

Would have made more sense than the goofy game they're playing now

James Wilder set his sights quite high saying he was going for 1000 yds running and another 1000 yds receiver. Maybe 1500 yds total but you never know. Everything has to fall in place, lots of touches and no injuries. Another thing, I believe to get close to 1000 yds receiving, Ricky Ray is going to have to remain healthy or Franklin will have to show the promise he showed in Edmonton.
But it is good for the Argos that he is back and fairly happy I presume. I expect MLSE want to have all the known faces of the club on board to promote and sell tickets.

I think the Argos will dominate the east in 2018. Good to see Wilder back and happy - with some goals too