Wildcats Auction

Well who all here was a successful bidder on the Auction they had tonight! I was lucky enough to get Rico Murray's Helmet. Ill be sure to take to practice and get it signed by him and the rest of the team, I already bought a case for it and will be proudly displaying in the Man/Cat Cave, along with the 3 other ones I have! I bought one in 2009 "Black with the gold stripe on top" and had the team sign it from 2009, then in 2010 I bought Willy Heywards game worn retro Yellow helmets they wore against the game on August 7 2010 vs the Bombers which the Cats won that game also 29-22, I got Willy to sign it along with the rest of the 2010 Team. At the locker sale in 2010 I bought another Yellow Retro one and took it back in 2011 and got the Team to Sign that one!
Hope some of you where lucky enough to own a piece of History! :rockin:

Bruce13 - I won a Brandon Issac # 23 Wildcat game jersey. This jersey will go with new Schutt XV- WR/QB shoulder pads I purchased for my grandson for Christmas. I would have liked another helmet, but my wife would have gone nuts. I have three game worn helmets and six recreated helmets. My favourite is the 2006 Labour Day Classic with a white helmet and
the alternate tiger head logo. I have three game jerseys from the past and will be looking for another jersey this December at the locker room sale.

Thats awesome bro! :rockin:

Hey Wildcat, just wondering I called Denise at the Roar Store and we are able to pick these items up there, we will still be charged the $29.99 for shipping but we will get a store credit if we pick it up ourselves! Have you received a email asking you if you want it shipped or pick-up yet, as she said we should get one today or tomorrow

bruce if i had your money id burn mine

I picked up a Samuel Gigure jersey and an Andre Clark helmet.
I bid on a few others but had to back off when the price got too high for me.

I wonder if the Cats will release the final number of dollars raised for charity?