I would be interested to see if the Cats do run the wildcat formation much this season. I think as Cobb gets even more familiar with the game he could be pretty effective in it.

And if Keith comes back this season it should make for an interesting backfield.

p.s. Caulley ain't that bad either.

I already made this after week one
its called Playcreativity/Wildcat..page 1 or 2...check it

I like the wildcat used as a change-up, change of pass but not for extended periods as I think it could be too confusing for the offence switching all the time. That being said, whatever works I guess.

Gimmick offenses don win championships. We don't need this to be effective

and why don’t they…

Because gimmicks are too limited. Ther is nothing wrong with running a trick play once in a while but if you go to the well too often its lights out. The wildcat just doesn't appear to me more than something that you would use if you don't have a quarterback

ya i wouldn't want to run it to many times because like you say the more you run it the easier it is to stop. but i think it would be nice if they mixed it in at least once a game .

Ask Boise state about that one!

I don't recall seeing Boise State in the National Championship :roll:

Won one of the big 5 bowl games though!

This is the pros not amateur football.

Gimiks are nice once and a while because they make teams waste a lot of time in the film room to prepare for it, but not something you want to rely on. The wildcat disapeared from the nfl after the wildcard games, because Baltimore pretty much made the blue print in how to defend it.

Wildcat is decent as an occasional trick option, but not as an integral part of your offense.

But it can also be a wasted play if the defence commits every player to stuffing the run.

To me, the Wildcat is only effective if you use someone who can also throw the ball.

For example, the Argos used the Wildcat with Jamal Robertson on Saturday. You and I both knew that he was going to basically run a wide sweep to the wide side of the field. He was able to pick up some yards but it was basically used as a running play.

What the Argos should have done, is lined Reggie McNeal up under centre and then you got a guy who could run or throw and the defense has to respect that ability. That is what makes the Wildcat a success.

this would work if 1 of our RB's have the capability of throwing the football. so instead of just running the ball there is option of throwing it as well. yes i agree it's should be used once in a while, (like a reverse or 1/2 back option).

sorry Alan u and I are thinking alike with regards to the Argos.

I agree and look how it played out for the argos tonight lmao

I think it worked out PERFECTLY for them if you ask me!!

It IS a gimmick and should only be used very, very,very rarely. The worst plays in the wildcat for CFL use is precisely the QB-as-wideside-wideout flea flicker-based ones because on a CFL field they will take forever to develop. I can see an approach as the Dolphins do running Ricky Williams parallel to the line of scrimmage to either have the HB take a direct snap for a sweep or as a decoy for the QB to fake to for a play action pass downfield. All the other permutations that do not involve direct snaps to the HB will be dicey at best. I really believe that the size of the splits on the o-line in the CFL do not lend themselves easily to multiple-reverse style plays where the ball is being handled by a QB getting the ball back outside of the tackle box. Effectively someone is going to be able to knife in and come clean through to the passer.

Oski Wee Wee,

Just look at the Argos and there wild cat offence it's not fooling to many people. :oops: :oops: :oops: