Wildcat uniforms

Whole new meaning to "red zone". :wink:


Even if they're incorrect...They look sharp!!!

Suppose we can sell them to Ottawa next year

Naw...In fact,if they could get the shoulder stripes right,I'd like to see them as the permanent alternate uni's...

Just like the New York Jets use the New York Titan uniforms as their alternates..

Mentioned to the wife, I want one of those jerseys!!! :thup:

I'm getting two...

Suppose they’ll change the saying “he’s bleeding black and gold” to “red and …” :oops:

Um....Why would that happen?

Wasn't too thrilled when iI first saw them in the newspaper, got to say on TV there looked pretty cool.

I agree!

I actually wasn't a big fan. I didn't like the shoulder stripes. I guess I just prefer the black and gold.

Oh well, I'm sure we won't see them very often.

I love them but them I really appreciate history, if you don't appreciate history, then you probably will find any reason to not appreciate them.

But black and gold for day in day out, I agree.





Whether we "like" the old uniforms or not...to me it doesn't really matter.
The main thing is, thanks to TSN, fans across the country got a history lesson on the Tiger-Cats.
Especially when they interviewed Paul Peterson...the last player still alive from the 1943 Grey Cup game. That was priceless! :thup:

How did they look on TV? At the field they were hard discern from BC on occasion and laughingly they faded into the endzone checkerboard.

There was no trouble separating BC from Hamilton on TV... IMO the pants should have had stripes on them, other than that, they looked good

How did they look on the field? On TV they were hard (to) discern from BC on occasion and laughingly they faded into the end zone checkerboard. :roll:


Okay. Don't believe me. Fine.

We were in section 111 and when the play was all the way down the other end of the field this was the result. The orange and red weren't clearly different and the weird endzones have a lot of red in them. Just wondering why the eyeroll? Odd. I WAS actually wondering if on TV the distinction was clearer. I would imagine that to be the case.

Somehow they looked a whole lot better when the final whistle blew... lol