Wildcat stripes, authenticity vs. revisionism

Instead of giving us the actulal colours of the Hamilton Wildcats' uniforms, we're getting a revision because of concerns that the Argos share the same colour. Was it the right thing to do?

Uhhhhhh.... no.

Great idea.... Honour the Wildcats
Changing the colour gives us the historic uniform of another team.
Bad idea.

It's no longer honouring the Wildcats.
It's now a retro-looking 3rd jersey in the style of a number of 40's teams.

If you like it then like it for what it is.
Let's just not pretend that it's something that it's not.

Mountain, I would like you to meet molehill, molehill, mountain.

You're right. Not a big issue. But hey.... we WERE asked our opinion. You shared yours. Now on with life! :slight_smile:

What would this forum be like without the making of one into the other :wink:

It will get a bunch of people talking about the Flying Wildcats who would otherwise have no idea who or what a flying wildcat was. And it will get the team in general a bunch of positive publicity, a good storyline, and the attention of some casual fans.

Check and check. Mission accomplished. :rockin:

The stripes aren't black.
They're really, really dark blue. :wink: :lol:

Meh, as Caretaker said, there's been references to them wearing Blue, White, Black, Red and Gold. It's good enough for me. Stop letting perfection get in the way of good people.

What “mountain”?

It’s a simple little poll on a football forum about a retro uniform?

If this thread does not interest you, then do what I do. Ignore it.

Still, not sure how one can interpret this little thread as a “mountain”. It’s intended as a discussion point of interest for some. Nothing more.

But it's also been said that it is known what the 1943 Grey Cup champion Flying Wildcat team actually wore, so why not duplicate those unis as best you can if the intention is to honour them?

Either way, I think they look really good. The black vs, blue stripes is not that big of a difference visually, but still, it's not a true 1943 Flying Wildcat uniform. It's closer to an older Ottawa or Calgary uniform as has been shown.

I agree...

Look...I appreciate the effort....But,this is a case where the opinion of a focus group who clearly had no idea of history should not have been used as a selling point.I do know that the blue on the shoulders was to honour the members of the team in the RCAF.In otherwords,the colours of the Air Force...It had nothing to do with the Toronto Argonauts at all!!!

Again...I like the jersey's...I like them a lot,actually...But they are not accurate and they should have been...

Many fans can remember when the team couldnt afford tape. So if Young wants a tweak or two to a third uniform let's keep some perspective here.


I agree this is a reasonable topic for a debate. On the other hand you have to admit the questions in your poll are just a tad slanted towards getting a vote that supports your point of view. :wink:

You might get a different vote if you had worded your poll something like:

  • The jerseys should conform as closely as possible to the originals no matter how ugly and inconsistent with modern fabrics and colours.

  • The Jerseys should pay tribute to the Wildcats by looking as good as possible on today's Tiger-Cat players.

Wow, some people just need something to complain about.

To me, that sounds like a different poll.

Your questions seems to address the issue of modern vs old uniforms in terms of materials, fit and practicality. I think most everyone gets that any modern football uni, even when honouring old teams, will always have that modern look and modern considerations when being designed and will always look different than those of the olden days.

This poll is strictly about authenticity of the colour of the shoulder stripes --- authentic vs, revised, that has nothing to do with "ugly and inconsistent with modern fabrics and colours" or "looking as good as possible

Having blue stripes on the shoulders would look just as good, and would have nothing to do with modern fabrics.

What it looks like it's boiling down to is this:

Seems like pretty much everyone loves the idea and the look
The revision is a minor one, but a bit of a stickler for some of us history buffs who think it was unnecessary
Also, I think the reason given for the change is a bit of a head scratcher as blue is a colour of the 1943 Grey Cup champion Hamilton Flying Wildcats. Blue is a part of Tiger-Cat history, Argos be damned. They don't own the colour.

Again, I want to emphasize this is not a big deal. Uniforms and sports history are of great interest to me. I love that we can discuss this, it's fun. Honouring the Flying Wildcats is a fantastic idea that is way overdue, and the unis look great!

What a great history the Tiger-Cats have!

I would have been happy to see the authentic blue stripe on the sleeve but it is what it is. I like the uniforms, especially the helmets regardless, and think it is cool that the team's history and connection to the Flying Wildcats is being celebrated. :smiley: 8) :thup: