Wildcat Formation; let's use it against Hamilton!

The Wildcat! Let's use that formation against the Ti Cats.

Please explain some of your ideas on how we can confuse Hamilton with the Wildcat. What are the intracacies of the Wildcat?

What experience does each of our QBs have with the Wildcat?

I don't know why we don't use the wildcat on short yardage. Let Foley take the snap and push forward for the first down. No more of these half-foot plunges on 3 and 1.

It may work?

we're going nowhere but making good time

Martell Mallett played some wildcat in college and was very producted at it.

A 'Cat fan here. There’s been lots of speculation that the reason we don’t see the wildcat in Canada is simply that the limited practice schedule of the teams (only 4.5 hrs. per day) mitigates against introducing it. If it’s going to work then it has to be tightly choreographed and few teams have the time.

That said, if you guys DON’T have the time to practice it then please use it by all means. :slight_smile:

whats the wildcat formation?