Wild week of trades, signings and releases. Who is winning/losing

Four trades, the return of a legendary quarterback and the release of a star receiver allpowered a whirlwind of activity, leaving well-known faces like Charleston Hughes and Odell Willis in new places.
Seven out of nine teams evolved!!

Who is winning or losing this off season. More action likely in next two weeks.

I think everyone wins in these moves.
2 teams made gains for being the middle man
2 teams moved some SMS so they could sign some solid younger vets to replace
2 teams got really good players, even if those will only be for a season or 2.

Ouch Bowman Released

Whats up ! No comments! Training camp right around the corner. That's tryout corner.
Bowman signs with eagles!!!!!!!!!!!

Bowman is getting expensive and sitting around the 30th position in receiver performance last year in the CFL. With the receiver depth the Esks have, I could see this coming. Same story plays out this time every year, just the names are different.

IMO that is a matter of simply looking at stats and pointing it out. Start really looking at it though. He was brought back pretty slowly after his injury....he had about 2.5 catches per game and was mainly used underneath for 9 yards per catch and took rotation for a half dozen games. After that he was averaging over 4 catches a game at an average of 16 yards per catch and 1 of every 4.2 being a TD. Much more Bowman/high end like.

Which numbers do you ride...the ones where he came back and was worked in very slowly or the later ones where he was pretty much put back into his normal role and put up all-star numbers?

I still wouldn't pay him 265 and think players that sign these backloaded contracts are only fooling themselves...but he did appear to return to form last season and I think most coaches and GMs will recognize that.

Bowman’s age, salary, risk of injury and existing Eskimos receiver depth all played a part. I’m sure Esks would have paid this had they not been stacked already. Plus Bowman lacks some downfield blocking skills that should come with any receiver making $265K, don’t you think? Reminds me of the Weston Dressler situation here (not factoring in size). Kinda priced himself out of the market.

Bowman will sign somewhere tho, just like Weston did.

Great signing by Winnipeg

Did your hear any contract value? Story here is Bowman turned down Saskatchewan's $160K offer.

...Winny’s accepted offer was $160,005.00

Probably was, lol. Bowman knows he will start in Wpg where he likely would have to sit in Saskatchewan.

Almost exactly 2 years ago, Chris Jones releases John Chick and Weston Dressler and the whole CFL fanbase goes absolutely crazy on Chris Jones!

2 years later,
Massive amount of Veteran Free Agents are part of a "wild week of trades, signings and releases"

Times have quickly changed

People love drama. Meanwhile, football management just has a job to do.

Hope Grymes signs with EE and forget's about NFL.

NFL cut downs are hugh. That is yet to come!!!!!!!