Nasty ankle injury, so what now?I don't think we stick with Stala as he's too important to risk on that position.If we didn't go there before, I don't think we will now.Perhaps Setta returns?

A lot depends on how bad the injury is. After next week is the bye week, so maybe we go with Stala for one game and give Wilbur three weeks to recover?

As I mentioned in the game thread, Setta was almost a Bomber, and there is the possibility he could be here.

Hope Wilbur will be alright though, he had a good game.

IT look like his Ankle is Twisted or Sprained

that his plant leg not good !!

He got off under his own power, I think he'll be okay.

It was pretty nasty, but lets wait to see what happens next week.

He'll have a few days to recover so who knows.

The player im more concerned with is Barker, i think Shannon James was worse than Beveridge.

He should be okay for Toronto Next week Cross your Fingers

To me it looked like a pretty nasty rolled ankle, I think he will be back next week.

I'm still waiting for Eric to call me for the injury update...please everyone keep your fingers crossed for him! He is an incredibly tough guy and if there is any way he can play, he will. He started every game for 4 years in high school and every game for 4 years of college and never once missed any game time for an injury...hopefully he'll be okay!

That made me mad -- looked reckless to me. Especially at that stage of the game. If I were coaching, I would've instructed my return team to make sure that their kicker hit the turf hard.

I expect you're right, CFinO. He'd have 24 days for resting and healing. The fact that Wilbur walked off is hopefully a sign of something that would heal in that time frame. I thought his kicking was much improved tonight, but was impressed with Stala's 44-yarder too.

I figure he must be tough if he managed to walk off after that.

Here are his numbers:

E. WILBUR 5 46.2 194 62

E. WILBUR 6 375 68 0

[url=http://liveplay.cflcentral.com/LPFiles/34_2010_cfllive_scoreboard.html]http://liveplay.cflcentral.com/LPFiles/ ... board.html[/url]

I'd prefer not to have to go without him.

We're all hoping that too. He might miss one game, but then the team has the next week off, so he should be ok by then. Maybe you'll make it up for the first game after the break? The "Labour Day Classic" between Hamilton and our arch-rival Toronto Argonauts is always an exciting game. (Wish I could make it down for the game. I've never actually made it to a home game, living seven hours away.)

Wow, you're seriously missing out.IWS is crazy on a normal night, all the fan/player heckling, the noise, one of the closest stadiums to the action.That's with 22k.Let's talk labor day when it's 30K insane fans cheering against the team the absolutely loathe.It can be deafening and there's not much that beat's the IWS labor day experience that's for sure.

I know, I know. It would be amazing. Although there's something to be said for being one of the few Ticats fans in an crowd of opposing hometown fans. And having them go completely quiet because of a great play by the Black-and-Gold. (One play in particular comes to mind, a TD pass by Henley on a double-reverse option caught right in front of me.)

Might just have to arrange a visit with one of my relatives down there one day.

Nope - don’t think so.

They just added another new punter…

:thup: :thup: :thup:

And dropped him.

Good to see Wilbur is going to be playing tonight. Anybody see him punting at practice this week?

He hasn’t kicked all week, it will be a game-time decision. If he’s not ready to go then Stala will handle the punting duties and DeAngelis would do kickoffs.


yeah baby!!!!!!!!! :thup: :thup: