Wilbur a nice addition

...With Medlock signing on in the states looks like the cats are scrambling to find a kicker....Could Wilbur be available to the cats for ...lets say a first round pick or another quality player...I'd say they're hooped for a kicker as off now AND we have two...Should we take a chance on Renaud finding his game and if not, hang on to Wilbur or play' lets make a deal' with Ham. .Just some off-season musings... :roll:

Another one dreaming of first round pick for an import :roll: Come on Papa get real.

....I am being real....really optimistic.... :lol: On second thoughts about Wilbur....i think we'll keep him and let the hammer twist in the wind without a credible kicker :wink: Without a kicking game all of their off-season hoopla could be a bit tainted...Heh heh ...looks good on them.. :lol:

Apparently we're going the N/I route and Congi is still waiting by his phone

.....Congi ???? good luck with that one :roll: He's kinda suspect after the injury he suffered ain't he?? I guess there's always Setta or Serna who have experience in this league :roll:

Luca has been working at the same sports performance academy as Shea Emry and Etienne Boulay, by all accounts he's in fantastic shape.

.........i guess i was dreaming in high definition and what da ya know :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: