wikipedia says renegades are considering move to Kingston

"Wiki says they're thinking of moving" is a far cry from what the article actually says...

...and please, please tell me you're not the type that takes the word of wikipedia as unreliable...

I dont know who said it but.
Wiki is like the writing on the bathroom stalls.
Interesting to read but I would not take it as gospel!

I wouldn't write it off just because it's a Wiki either. It's important to inspect the revision history and participate in the "talk" section if there appear to be errors or omissions. The references should also be inspected.

no just thought it was interesting

Interesting for sure even if somewhat far fetched of an idea, Queen's has their name on the Grey Cup I think. And Kingston is not very large, around 70,000 I think.

I wonder where the idea came from. I didn't see any reference to that in the supporting article provided.

Kingston's pop is around 120, 000 with a metro of 150, 000

And there is no way there's a stadium there that could quickly and easily accomodate 25,000 seats. And sure, they may have hosted a Grey Cup before ... but the question is, when was that game?
And I'd say there's about a 99.999% chance that the "most likely scenario" mentioned is the ONLY scenario.

Thanks ticats for that info about the size of Kingston, I was under the impression it was smaller than that.

no problem. still a bit small for a team, well, i guess if you add Cornwall, Peterborough and Belleville in the mix you've got about 500, 000 people in a 2 hour radius, so they may be able to pull it off if they have a stadium like McGill.