Wikipedia lies about Williams

"For the 2006 season, the team added Miami Dolphins running back Ricky Williams, suspended from the NFL for one-year for violating the league's substance abuse policy, to their negotiation list. On May 28, Williams signed a 1-year contract for a reported C$240,000, making him the highest paid running back in the CFL. One report claims he could make up to C$500,000 with incentives. Williams had a successful 2005 season for the Dolphins, rushing for over 700 yards after missing the first 4 games of the season. Williams made his official CFL debut on June 17, 2006 in a home game against the Tiger-Cats at Rogers Centre. In that game, he rushed for 97 yards on 18 carries, with his longest carry for 35 yards in the fourth quarter. Williams also caught two passes for 24 yards as the Argonauts defeated the Tiger-Cats 27-17. However, he broke his arm in the July 22 game in Regina against the Saskatchewan Roughriders."

I don't recall Ricky doing that well in that game, do you guys?

Yup.....little research never hurts....preseason, but it was still done.....

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ok, it was a preseason game, but where is the stuff about how bad he has been since then?

BTW, I edit preseason game in there now.

It wasn't a pre-season game. It was the first game of the season.

They had a big interview on CBC before the game with him on the Pre Game show and all that.

It was that 35 yarder down the sideline.

First pre-season game he had like 8 yards.. second he had around 50.

Remember the TSN poll? Which rookie to the CFL had his best 1st game in the CFL? Ricky Williams was an option.

Hey EsksTMac, You Don’t Happend To Remember Which Rookie Won That Poll Do You?

Never trust Wiki as a reliable information source. I never bother to look at it, cause you have to double check it.

What the hell? How could I think that was a preseason game??

Open your eyes next time, jm…sorry guys…

Someone should have told Kanga Wikipedia isn't a reliable source of information because it's open-sourced and everyone can add stuff into it.

Where's ro1313 when you need him? :stuck_out_tongue:

That's what we told him here:

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Pages 2 & 3...but he never listens...


I know XGamer... That was my point... :wink:

The prosecution rests!

as far as pop curture such goes, W is good, but everything else is messed up (I even go away with writing a bit about Alaska considering join Canada for a day before it got erased), it was good on the East/West Division history, but this has shaken my trust in W, cuz they are gonna hype up Ricky, and that's not right.

You yourself posted junk about Alaska joining Canada and you have said all along how accurate it is!

I have said it before and I will say it again.....Wikipedia is junk and unreliable. Anyone can post anything they want on the site. You proved it yourself.

that's right! victory sign :stuck_out_tongue:

But I've gotta say it is monitored at some extent to avoid becoming completely useless.

I was recently searching the Web for an explanation about a medical condition. I ended up on Wikipedia and there was a warning on the top of the page saying "This page does not meet Wikipedia standards, and need to be cleaned up and corrected before it can be considered acceptable."

Wikipedia is the ultimate source of truthiness.

I'm pretty sure it was Ricky Williams with Chip Cox in second place.

Thanks For The Update.

You could add into the Wikipedia that the Earth was flat , and it would change their whole way of thinking on that subject. It is not a reliable source for info, unless you double and even triple check their "facts".