Wiil it be Curtains for the Gades tonight?

As much of a die-hard Gades fan that I am, me thinks this is our last hurrah. I hope we have a team in the next few years.
If we win tonight, my hopes will be bouyed only slightly, but if we lose, I fear for the existence of this team. When we were told the Rough Riders were going to fold, I was the eternal optimist. But now, nothing would surprise me. I hope I am wrong. :frowning:

So for one more time, I feebly plead and deplore our team to..............

Go You Backs Against The Wall Thieving Bastard Capital Punishment Renegades Go!! :roll:

The ARGOS are still a great team and have played best on 4 days rest.They are mad that they blew the game in SASK. and are at home.

OTTAWA has picked the worse time to play, the ARGOS.

HOWEVER.....OTTAWA , wasn't in the CFL DRAFT and had no money to get any free agents , while the others teams did.They didn't have any off season promotion , at all.

As long as the OTTAWA PRESS , doesn't drive the GLIEBS out of OTTAWA , [like they did the last time] and they have a proper off season to promote the team. I think that OTTAWA will be there for awhile.

BUT when a OTTAWA SUN , "SO CALLED" PRO sports writer CHRIS STEVENSON , says that " little OTTAWA , did just fine with out the CFL ", you can see it will be an uphill battle. :roll:

I'm an optimist too. I wish you had more "Credible owners" however maybe the Gliebermans can turn it around.

I agree with you about credible owners…but I am amazed that they [the GLIEBS] saved the team this time after what they went through the last time.GO FIGURE?

You really do need a proper off season in ANY league to have a fighting chance on the field and at the box office.

Next year will be the real test.They need to promote , do community things.

Sign some great free agents and show them off at press conferences.

And your press needs to acknowledge that this will take more time and stop writing about MARTI GRAW , nights and things that have nothing to do with football. FOR THAT…OTTAWA fans have to write letters to the editors.

I did in TORONTO for our BONE HEAD press…and even with all the FACTS against him PAUL GODFREY, still has his NFL dream. :lol:

Some one should point out to PAUL, that they have a 15 year contract with the ARGOS. :roll: :lol:

Yup. It’s alll over Smitty. It’s been over since they lost to those Cheating Eskimos.

Supersmith, I am right beside the Rens... well, for this week anyways. I really want them to make the playoffs, but just not at the expenses of the Alouettes. So as long as the Als are 1st or 2nd, the Rens are my second favorite team.

What the Rens should go after in the next off-season is a better QB coach. Joseph has a lot of talent. He needs to be told how to better read what's going on and adapt himself.

Unfortunately, I think it's time for Paopao to go. He's a good guy. But when a coach still can't get you moving forward after 4 years, he will not get the players confidence in his capacities anymore.

As for players, if we dissect your team by positions, we can see you are not so badly stacked. Except for your kicking game and your offensive line, of course, who are both pathetic. But hey, every team has its weaknesses. For Edmonton, its the kicking too and the running game. For Montreal, it's the DBs (and most recently the LBs). For BC, it's... it's... err... chicken pox?..

I'd like to tell you to keep your morale high, but quite honestly, I don't know how I would react had I had only 21 wins in four years.

Hang in there.

My God, 21 wins in 4 years?! (21/72) x 100= 29%. A 29% winning record. Pathetic!! I never looked at the whole picture until you mentioned it T & T. Now I am really depressed.

It's time to wake up and smell the coffee boys. Joe's gotta go!

Err... that wasn't my intention Supersmith... in fact, it's a bit better than that. Since they haven't played all of this season's games, they are 21/66, which means a 31 % winning percentage...

... does that make you feel better?... 2 % better?...